DMU Music Society takes The Shed by storm with decades showcase

By Ollie Heppenstall

The De Montfort University (DMU) Music Society took city centre venue The Shed by storm last Wednesday 21 November with its monthly showcase.

This month’s showcase was decades-themed and featured music from the 1960’s to the 2000’s, played by five different bands. It was held in aid of charity, with all proceeds going to Alzheimer’s Research.

Jakk Locke, 28 and making his showcase debut, said: “Music Society showcases are one-time events where members put their names forward to perform. They’re then sorted into bands, given a few weeks to decide and learn their set, and then perform.

“I was in one of the two bands covering the 80s and we decided to go for Under Pressure by Queen, Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News, There is a light that never goes out by The Smiths and We Built this City by Starship.”

He continued: “This was my first showcase as a performer, having been to a few already and I was really impressed with the band I was in. The rehearsal process was really smooth, by our second practice we were all pretty confident with what we were playing and the running order.”

“It was really great fun, loads of people turned up in fancy dress and the atmosphere was outstanding.”

Kait Baker-Smith, 21 and one of the vocalists in the 70s set, said: “The organising process was quite straightforward, as we’d booked the venue all the way back in May and were able to secure it for the entire year. It was more a case of making sure everyone had the equipment they needed and making sure we had a few spares just in case anything went wrong. 46640308_294539941176551_7303891216003760128_n

“The previous two were guilty pleasures-themed and acoustics, and went fairly well – the guilty pleasures night was our first with a new committee so it wasn’t quite as smooth as decades and the acoustic showcase.

She added: “This was the first showcase we ran for charity, as well as having worked with Demon Media for children in need.”

“The response from the membership has been quite good, at the end of last year we had a relatively small membership after the last third years left but we’re well into the region of 80 or 90 new sign-ups this year after a huge effort at start of the year.”

Rhiann Ainsworth, 21 and one of the three vocalists in the 2010s set, said: “This was my second showcase, having done guilty pleasures earlier in the year, and I’m signed up for two more: legends and hometown heroes.

“I sort of stumbled into the music society, having been approached by the secretary at the activities fair, but it took me a while to really get involved with it.

“The rehearsal process went really well even if I’d missed a couple of them, but it was made easier because I’d worked with two of my group previously so we knew each other well going into it.”

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