Council supplies cash injection to improve parking across Leicester

By Matthew Chandler

Leicester City Council is spending £800,000 on a programme to improve parking conditions across the city.

The money will help with improving parking provision, road safety around schools, congestion issues and problems such as careless parking.

This is the latest phase of the council’s Parking Improvement Programme, and will take place from now until March 2020.

The money will also help to support the council’s ‘shop local’ agenda, which will make suitable parking to be available to encourage customers of small businesses in Leicester.

The Parking Improvement Programme 2018/19 is part of the city council’s wider Parking Strategy, addressing on-street and off-street parking across Leicester.

Leicester City mayor Peter Soulsby said: “This money is the second phase of work which began in 2016/17 to look at parking issues citywide, and what we could do to improve the situation.

“In many cases these overlap with wider concerns such as traffic congestion, road safety near schools and air quality, all of which are addressed in these latest schemes.”

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