Heatherbrook Primary Academy in top three most improved schools in Leicester


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The pupils at Heatherbrook Primary Academy have reached new heights in maths, writing and reading.


By Sophie Sandberg

Heatherbrook Primary Academy in Leicester is one of the top three most improved schools in the city, it was announced by Leicester City Council on Friday(NOV16).

The academy has been praised by the Head of Service for Education Performance in Leicester for its improvements in reading, writing and mathematics compared to last year’s results.

Through extensive efforts put into focusing on extra maths, reading and writing, the school was announced to be among the most improved schools in the city in these fields.

Miss Jen Mitchell, Principal of Heatherbrook Primary Academy, said: “This is truly a testament to the outstanding work of everybody involved in our school community.

“At Heatherbrook we promote a supportive and caring environment that fosters good working relationships and promotes a calm and positive atmosphere.

“Our academy is a place where people matter and we are very proud of the tradition the school has for taking care of and supporting children as they learn and develop.

“We aim for parents, carers, teachers and children to work together to make this a happy and successful school,” she concluded.

Heatherbrook Primary Academy is described as a thriving school where the Governors and staff are dedicated to providing a high standard of education for all of its pupils.

The academy is in the top three schools in the city for its improvements in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 reading, writing and maths combined, improved by 15.9 per cent compared to last year’s results.

“These results are the culmination of a lot of hard work undertaken by the whole school team over time and I would like to congratulate everyone who has been involved in making this possible,” said Sandra Roberts, Interim Head of Service for Education Performance in Leicester.

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