Vegan tastebuds to be tantalised at Leicester College event

By Ross Barnett

Leicester’s Fulhurst Community College is hosting a free entry vegan fair this Saturday, November 17th.

The fair, which is run by the Leicester Vegan Community, will consist of many stalls as well as exciting cookery demonstrations, talks, interactive workshops and children’s activities.

Non-vegans are encouraged to attend the event which runs from 10.30am until 4pm on Saturday.

Ian Parry, a volunteer for the Leicester Vegan Community, said: “The fair has been going on for about 15 years and has generally been run by local people. A group of us took over the event in order to run it as a collective effort and decided that we should carry it on.”

Children will be able to make their own animal masks as well as enjoying colouring in activities and puzzles.

Ian said: “In total we have approximately 42 stalls. We also have lots of interesting talks and stalls which will sell clothing, pies, cheeses, cakes, including gluten free, and much more.

“There’s also a local band called Mia and the Moon which will be performing.”

“Leicester Vegan Families will have several rooms in the College dedicated to the children while they are also organising a party with the aim of showing people that veganism can still be fun.

Donald Watson is considered the first modern day vegan after he formed the Vegan Society in Leicester in 1924.

Ian said: “The purpose of the festival is to encourage people to sample vegan food and use it as a way to reach out to people in a way that is not in your face.

“I’ve been vegan for about four or five years and have noticed a big change in Leicester. Pubs and restaurants such as the Orange Tree and Queen of Bradgate have made an effort with vegan dishes on their menu while the North Bar on Hinckley Road is rated as the best restaurant with a vegan menu in the country.

“I became a vegetarian five years ago due to concerns over animal welfare,

“I was vegetarian for 25 years before and turned vegan after a vegan challenge which over 170 people competed in.

“While a lot of people I’ve spoken to found the step from vegetarianism to veganism hard, I thought it was quite easy for me, however it all depends on the types of foods that you are already eating.”

The event is free but as it is run by volunteers, the Leicester Vegan Community urges people to get involved and help with the event.

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