Spice Girls’ reunion greeted with mixed reactions from students

By Rhys Bailey

The Spice Girls are back in one of the most anticipated reunions in entertainment, but just how exciting is this news among the De Montfort University student body?

A group of female students, Esther Swaby, 18, Belinda Campbell, 19, Elspeth Shelling, 18 and Abbie Reilly, 18, were all indifferent about the news.

Esther said: “They were cool once.”

She preferred Nirvana because she said their “sound” suited her musical tastes more than the bippity-bop pop of the Spice Girls.

Elspeth added: “They’ve had their time.”

She preferred the Smiths because of the technique they used to play their instruments and said their lyrical context held more meaning for her than the Spice Girls.

Abbie explained that although she didn’t have any particular favourites from the 90’s, she found NSYNC’s music “fun.”

Other 90s bands named as favourites by students included Oasis, Radiohead and Destiny’s Child.

Alice Brisland, aged 22, showed much more enthusiasm for the Spice Girls’ reunion, admitting to being “so excited” about it.

She was disappointed that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) will not be part of the reunion but said: “It doesn’t faze me. She’s not the main part of it all.”

Megan Hunt, 19, on the other hand, was sad that Posh hadn’t returned, saying: “It’s not the Spice Girls without all the members there.”

Alice and Megan agreed their standout choice from the 90’s was the classic bopper Wannabe.

Most of the students found sentimental value in 90’s music explaining it reminded them of their families. Esther and Elspeth said it reminded them of their parents as it was the music that generation listened to at university and in later life.

Alice, who also loves Oasis and Radiohead, said: “It reminds me of dancing around the kitchen with my mum when I was a little girl. My whole musicography is 90’s music.”


The Spice Girls are due to tour next year at the following venues:

June 1 — Manchester at the Etihad Stadium

June 3 — Coventry at the Ricoh Stadium

June 6 — Sunderland at the Stadium of Light

June 8 — Edinburgh at Murrayfield

June 10 — Bristol at the Ashton Gate Stadium

June 15 — London at Wembley Stadium

Tickets go on sale on Saturday at 10:30am.

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