New app helps Leicestershire Police at scene of crime

By Ella Lloyd and Sofia Luis-Hobbs

Leicestershire Police are collaborating with mobile phone company Motorola who have developed an app for frontline officers, called Pronto.

The force hopes this new technology will enable officers to carry out longer patrols.

The new technology brings many benefits, allowing officers to stay at the scene of a crime while filling out necessary paperwork for the witnesses and victims.

That means it also cuts out time wasted commuting back and forth to the police station to complete paperwork.

Police and crime commissioner, Lord Willy Bach said: “I am happy to give the police some extra money in order to invest in the most modern technology.”

In a video posted on the Leicestershire Police force’s twitter page, PC Adam Commons said: “There’s no need to return to the station just to do those basic functions anymore.”

Sergeant Anil Mehta added: “We can do almost practically everything that we need to on a daily basis. We can do it using Pronto.”

Pronto is modern and easy to use just like any other standard smartphone app, meaning no extra training is needed for officers to use this new device.

The force accepts people may find this new practice a bit unusual, but it means the streets of Leicestershire will have more available and visible officers.

Lord Willy Bach added: “This technology will allow police officers to be more visible on our streets.”

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