Mental Health at DMU


By Elise Fairhurst

Students struggling with adjusting to university life or mental health issues can find support on campus.

Anyone struggling with money worries, emotional issues or accommodation problems can get help from DMU’s Mental Health Inclusion Team.


The staff would assess whether adjustments should be made to teaching, coursework hand-in times or exams to try to reduce the impact that a mental health condition or other issues impact on the students’ studies.

They would offer support through practical goal setting and suggestions of how to address certain issues students’ may be experiencing as well as helping students access local health services available such as the NHS.

The support workers would also signpost different agencies who are able to support students with alcohol and substance use issues as well as signposting counselling services.

Current students at DMU who would like to make an appointment should contact The Disability Advice and Support Team (DAS) or The Mental Health Inclusion Team.

To ensure that students are directed to the appropriate service they must first book a Single Point of Access Appointment (SPA) where their needs will be assessed. They can book an appointment through MyGateway.

An SPA appointment is only 30 minutes long, students will have an opportunity to discuss their situation with a member of support staff within student welfare and at the end of the appointment they will be given an action plan of what they should do afterwards.

Students can find more information through their Twitter account which is @dmumentalhealth which posts tips and a range of information on a range of mental health and well-being issues.

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