Leicester band Boarder release new music after successful gigs

By Luke Pawley

Leicester band Boarder have released new music this week after a series of successful gigs in their home city.

The three-piece DIY Fuzz Rock band have been in the studio for the last few weeks to record and mix their new single, Black Hole.

Excitement for the new track has been building in the local music scene, particularly after the trio’s recent performances at Leicester’s highly regarded music venue, The Cookie.

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Lucie Blair performs with Boarder at The Cookie in Leicester. (Photo: instagram.com/shylaarose)

The music scene of the 1990s means a great deal to the band and has a massive influence on their music, according to lead vocalist and bassist Lucie Blair.

“Inspiration-wise, we are mostly inspired by 90s garage rock and fuzz rock. Our music is massively influenced by the likes of Oh Sees, Ty Segall and FUZZ!

“The song itself sort of just came about through Harry coming up with a cool riff. Then lyrics just sort of came from feeling quite moody and fed up really.”

Twenty-year-old Lucie studies at De Montfort University, while her bandmate and boyfriend Harry Barraclough has a useful job for the band as he works for a company making guitar cable. Fellow band member Teddy Dent works full time in finance.

Despite all having hectic work schedules, the band got a real taste of the future when they recently supported Limerick-based whenyoung – who Boarder admire for their style both on and off the stage – at The Cookie.

Lucie insists that this is just the beginning for the band, with plenty of exciting ventures planned for the future.

“We’ll definitely be writing more music, playing shows and hopefully recording a few more tracks,” she beamed.

“We would also love to go on tour one day, around the UK and Europe. That’s a big goal of ours, for sure.”

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