DMU to host musical experience from Ohio

By Erik Dawson and Paschal Nnedu

American composer Marc Ainger and flautist Ann Stimson will be welcomed by De Montfort University’s Music, Technology and Innovation department tonight(WedNOV7) to showcase a selection of electro acoustic pieces in the Pace Building.

US musicians.jpg

Tuning up: Ann Stimson and Marc Ainger

This evening, the duo will perform a range of musical pieces combining electronic music with acoustic sounds, most of them being played by Stimson on her flute.

The duo, who both teach at the Ohio State University School of Music, have travelled to England to go on a ‘mini tour’ where they will perform the musical pieces in Leicester, Birmingham, as well as other universities across the country.

The show has been described by Aigner as “not only a musical performance but a musical experience.”

He added that the goal of these pieces is to “expand the sound of the flute” by modifying and manipulating the sounds through his computer.

The experience will focus on the movement of the music around the listener, which Aigner described as “flying around your head” through large speakers placed around the room, with the aim to have the audience “surrounded by sound.”

One of the pieces the pair will play, named ‘A walk’ is composed from the noises of Stockholm they heard whilst walking through it. These include the sound of the Metro, and ambient sounds of the city as well as Stimson’s phone ringtone.

The aim of this piece for Ainger is to “provide a narrative of walking through the city” for the listener and to take them on a journey.

If you are interested in experiencing this musical performance tonight, it will be taking place in the Pace Building located on the DMU campus tonight from 7pm until 8:30pm with free entry, and you can contact James Andean at to reserve a place.

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