Leicester star Kasper Schmeichel opens DMU Watershed building 

By Tyler Arthur 

Leicester City superstar goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel officially opened De Montfort University’s The Watershed this afternoon (FRI, NOV 30). 

The Watershed is the building which houses the university’s sports department, as well as the strength and conditioning facilities.

After unveiling the plaque, Schmeichel sat in for a Question and Answer session with students and some local young footballers.

The Q&A was hosted by Professor Martin Polley, the Director of the International Centre for Sports History and Culture.

Above – Professor Martin Polley talks about the event. 

Dylan Durbin, 22, a lifelong Leicester fan and DMU student, said: “It’s great to see such an important player from the club getting involved in the uni.

“The Q&A session was great, and I think it showed just how good a man Kasper is off the field as well as on it.”

SAFE HANDS: Kasper Schmiechel unveiled the plaque as he officially opened The Watershed.

Throughout the session Kasper answered questions about being a goalkeeper, the World Cup, winning the Premier League and his relationship with the late Leicester City Chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

As well as Professor Polley, many fans from the crowd were given the opportunity to ask questions to the Leicester City number 1.

One young goalkeeper in the crowd asked the Danish international if he had any advice for someone playing that position.

“Enjoy it, that’s the main thing. Make sure you have fun. Don’t be nervous, just enjoy yourself,” he advised.

When asked about playing for Leicester, he said: “I’d played at a lot of clubs, but from the first day here it felt different.

“I have felt loved and welcomed in the club, and the city since I first walked through the door.”

PROUD TO BE MORE: Professor Polley interviewing Leicester star goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel in the Watershed building

Kasper spoke very passionately about the legendary 2015/16 season, in which Leicester won the Premier League, and what it was like during the last week of the title race.

“Obviously it was amazing, but at times it felt awful, it was so close and we just wanted to follow through. It might sound ridiculous but I was frustrated we didn’t seal it sooner.

“We had the chance to end it at Old Trafford. I guess it shows just how far we’d come that we were disappointed with a draw away to Manchester United, because we hadn’t won the Premier League yet.

“But of course, once we finally sealed it, the feeling was absolutely amazing. I was in disbelief.”

After the event came to a close, Schmeichel patiently stayed behind for half-an-hour to get photos with fans and staff, sign autographs and chat to people.

FAN FAVOURITE: The Foxes’ keeper stuck around until every selfie was taken, every hand shaken, and every shirt signed.

Leicester City are at home against Watford FC in the Premier League tomorrow (DEC 1).

Kasper Graphic


Road closed after ‘police chase’ sports car crashes


by Cristina Olaru

An Audi was badly damaged in a crash which blocked a Leicester city centre street.

Eyewitnesses claim the car was involved in a police chase on Tuesday evening when the driver lost control and crashed into a lamppost at around 6 pm.

The incident happened at the junction of Braunstone Gate and Narborough Road.

Cedars Lebanese Restaurant owner Mark, who was standing in the street smoking at the time, said the Audi, which was being pursued, span out of control and hit the lamppost.

“A piece of the car hit my leg,” he said.

Several police cars were seen surrounding the damaged Audi together with an orange van.

Gabriela, a customer at Cedars said she saw the speeding cars before the crash and she believed one was an unmarked police vehicle.

Leicestershire Police confirmed the case was under investigation but declined to say if anyone had been arrested due to data protection regulations.

Leicester artist to paint 100 skull paintings in eight-day live art installation Memento Mori

Photo 24-11-2018, 17 05 15

Tim Fowler wanted to challenge himself artistically and created the live art installation Memento Mori.

By Sophie Sandberg

A Leicester artist has started painting one hundred different types of skull paintings last week and aims to finish painting on Friday, November 30, as a part of a live art installation to inspire people to not take life for granted.

Tim Fowler, 33, challenged himself artistically by painting one hundred different types of skull painting over the course of eight days and invited the public to come along and watch his art come to life.

The Leicester-born artist got the inspiration for this live art installation named Memento Mori, Latin for remember the dead, from a German art curator he met in London.

Mr Fowler said: “I met a German curator when I attended an art fair in London and he bought a skull painting from me and explained the concept of Memento Mori and that really inspired me.

“Memento Mori means remember the dead and is all about not taking life for granted.

“For the past few years I have mainly painted portraits, but I’ve felt that the person in the portrait became a distraction.

“A skull for me is sort of a default portrait, it could be anyone but it’s still a portrait.”

Mr Fowler used to class himself as an architectural painter until he started drawing portraits. He then realised that was no longer just an architectural painter but a painter.

Throughout his eleven years as a professional painter, the 33-year-old has managed to make a name for himself by his bold use of colour and abstract elements.

The artist believes the Memento Mori project was a chance for him to challenge himself as an artist while sharing his art with the people of Leicester.

“Different colour combinations are what inspires me more than anything, which this art installation is really a testament of.

“I also wanted to give people the chance to watch an art project like this come to life and the different stages it goes through.”

The skull paintings will be showcased at an event Mr Fowler has organised at the LCB Depot in Leicester on Friday, November 30.

Photo 25-11-2018, 19 29 04


Art exhibition to be hosted in De Montfort University student’s house

By Alex Leadbitter

A De Montfort University student has decided to host an art exhibition inside her own house next year on Friday, January 11, showcasing works of art from art students and residents of the house.

The exhibition will be called ‘Head Space’ and will feature works that represent mental health, drugs and alcohol.

Hannah Rowe-Blackman, 20, a second year fine art student, is the organiser of the unique exhibition that will be displayed throughout her entire house.

She said: “I want the artwork to be put up everywhere. In the living room, the bedrooms and all through the hallways.”

oliver art

Oliver Asbury shows off his sculptured armour and weaponry made of beer cans.

Miss Rowe-Blackman came up with the idea of hosting her own exhibition as part of her course where she has been tasked to show her work in a collaborative way.

She continued: “This is part of an ongoing project that I’ve been working on about exploring professional areas, so I thought why not make my house into one?

“I’m really interested in curating work from different artists so I may as well bring them all to my house and create a welcoming environment for them to be shown.”

She added: “I have to be harsh with what I allow to be exhibited because this is all being marked for my final grade.

“Still, everyone on my course is really talented so I have no doubt that they will all bring amazing work to be shown off”

One of the students who will be presenting their artwork will be Oliver Asbury, 21, a third year journalism and English student.

He said: “Its such an amazing thing what Hannah has done because it gives students a great opportunity to curate and showcase their work.

“A lot of students hope to find a place to perform or show off their work and this is a really cool and unique way of doing it.”

A Facebook events page will be set up where selected students and tutors will be able to attend the exhibition.

Conservative MP at DMU Brexit debate admits she never wants to see another referendum

By Tyler Arthur 

An influential Conservative MP admitted she never wants to see another referendum, as she attended a Brexit debate at De Montfort University (DMU) on Friday(NOV23).

The Be The Change event hosted by DMU’s Vice Chancellor Dominic Shellard invited Conservative MP Nicky Morgan and Labour MEP Rory Palmer to speak to university students and staff on the complicated topic of Brexit.

Mr Shellard led the discussion and asked questions to the two visitors based on their personal and political experiences and opinions, before opening the floor for students to ask their questions.

During the debate, Mrs Morgan, MP for Loughborough, declared: “If I had it my way, we would never have a referendum ever again.

“We’ve come to a point now [within Brexit], where I believe representatives of the country should be trusted to make the decisions.”


Left to right: MEP Rory Palmer, Dominic Shellard and MP Nicky Morgan

Students had to apply for tickets to the event, entitled ‘BREXIT: What Next?’ which was held in the Trinity House Chapel on the DMU campus.

Mr Palmer, a member of the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, and ex-deputy city mayor of Leicester, opened the discussion by explaining how the other nations of the EU feel during this time.

He said: “The mood has started to shift slightly. There’s always been a bit of sadness in Brussels [after Brexit, but] the mood now is a real sense of frustration. People are tired of this.

Mrs Morgan expressed how good the Be The Change event was and how positive it is to see this dialogue.

She said: “It’s great to see these types of debates and discussions. It’s a shame that it took for Brexit to happen to open up this public discourse.”

She continued, addressing the students: “It’s amazing to see people being passionate about politics. You are all the future, and that future is a bright one, but for now the question is what happens in the mean time?”

The students and staff were also able to ask questions to the two politicians and make comments during the later stages of the debate.

One staff member suggested that there should be a second referendum, as the country couldn’t possibly get any more divided anyway – to which both of the visitors disagreed.

“You say we cannot get any more divided, but I say we can, and it could turn to violence,” Nicky Morgan responded.


WHAT NEXT?: Screens beside the debating guests advertised the #BeTheChange tag recognisable to those who follow @dmuleicester.

During the debate, the Conservative MP urged people to support Prime Minister Theresa May’s current Brexit agreement, while her opposing Labour MEP said that there are many flaws in the current strategy being proposed by the government – as well as several mistakes over the last two years which he identified.

Although the two politicians debated throughout, they both agreed that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would be a bad outcome, with Mr Palmer describing it as ‘an abject failure of the government that a no deal is even still an option at this point.’

Even though she supports the PM’s proposals, Mrs Morgan admitted: “No deal is absolutely possible, it’s about 50/50.

“A no deal would be catastrophic,” she concluded.

The Vice Chair of the DMU Labour Society, Thom Chapman, 20, who attended the event, said: “I really enjoyed the debate and I thought it was a very interesting discussion.

“To have two different politicians from opposing parties almost agreeing on how disastrous Brexit has been really shows the impact it will have on society.”


SAY CHEESE: MEP Rory Palmer grabs a selfie with his fellow guest for the debate and Vice Chancellor Shellard.

Before leaving, the two guest speakers stayed behind for a chat, and Mr Palmer suggested that they take a selfie for his Snapchat, before he left Mrs Morgan with a final goodbye.

“Best of luck over the next few weeks,” he said as he shook her hand, “do your best to stay sane.”