Virtual Orchestra at ISKON centre

By Ross Barnett

People can sample the enjoyment of taking part in an orchestra through a virtual reality head set.

The experience is available at Leicester’s International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Granby Street and concludes on Saturday, November 17th with a live performance at Haymarket Theatre.

The exhibition which is powered by the Philharmonia Orchestra is open to the public every day 10am-5pm until Saturday, November 17, and is free entry. More than 3,000 people had enjoyed the event so far while another 7,000 people are expected to roll through the doors before the end of the event.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 14.01.52
Dillon Parmer using out the Virtual Reality kit at Leicester’s ISKCON centre

It features The Planets, composed by Gustav Holst, a piece which the scores written for several notable films such as Invictus, Gladiator and Star Wars owe much to the music which Holst wrote back in 1918.

People can put on the headset and experience a piece by Sibelius performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jonathan Mayes, director, residencies and regional programme at the Philharmonia Orchestra said: “We’re here with the Virtual Orchestra which is an installation that gives you the chance to come and walk through an orchestra and feel what it’s like on the inside, to hear what the musicians hear and feel what the musicians feel.

“We’re here until the 17th November and we really want people to come and see us, especially DMU students who we have a long and wonderful connection with the university.”

The exhibition is always looking for volunteers and organisers would encourage anyone interested to contact the orchestra.


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