Residents plea for more police after crime rate spikes

By Olivia Mumby

Residents of Leicester’s Elston Fields area are calling for an increase in police presence after a recent spike in crime in the area.

The park, known as ‘Tick-tock park’, is near Saffron Lane and has seen an increase in crime over the past few weeks.

Most recently, a white Audi was found burning on the children’s play area.

Residents of the area are now calling for more officers on the street and for CCTV cameras to be installed in the park in an effort to deter criminals from operating in the area.

Speaking via Facebook, resident Mark Rowley said: “In the last week we’ve had a burnt-out motorcycle and now a car on Tick-tock park.

“Is there any chance of a more frequent police presence in this area? Installation of CCTV cameras would make us all feel much safer.

“It could save the council money instead of having to install new fencing and removing the vehicles.”

Speaking of a recent stabbing that occurred in Southfields Drive, where a man was killed, Mr Rowley said: “There’s been a stabbing, now a death – it’s extremely unnerving.”

As yet, there has been no word from the council about the resident’s concerns.

Mr Rowley continued: “There’s been two mopeds in the last couple of weeks too, they have been set alight and abandoned, leaving the tarmac footpaths in a scorched condition.

“It’s not fair to the decent families who want a safe place to live.”

Another resident, Amy Morgan, said: “There have been numerous stabbings in Leicester of late.

“We need more police officers on our streets but down to government cut-backs, I can’t see this happening in the near future, maybe more neighbourhood watch groups and youth groups working with this issue could help.”

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