Debut EP release for student

By Ollie Heppenstall

A De Montfort University (DMU) student and promising singer-songwriter has released her debut EP.

Kait Baker-Smith, a 21-year-old English Language and Creative Writing student, released ‘Wildflower’ on Friday (Oct19) at popular city centre venue The Shed.

Speaking a few days before the launch, she said: “Wildflower is about being different, learning to accept who you are, and finding where you belong. The title comes from a song of the same name which I really like, by Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

“It’s partly inspired by my own attempts to find where I belong.

“I’ve always known I was a bit different to everyone else and knew that there have been places where I fit in better than others.”

44391362_473849769688763_1116596509463281664_nShe added: “It’s taken just over a year to write and record everything.

“I started writing in the summer between first and second year, and was recording almost as soon as I started my second year. Having to balance everything was fairly easy, even if it’s been the main reason why it’s taken this long to finally get it out.

“There were some months where myself and Tom Snell, who handled the technical side of the recording process, wouldn’t record at all because neither of us were able to find the time to get into the studio.

“We ended up recording more tracks than there are on the album itself, but we didn’t finish them in time to get them on – I’d love to get them out there somewhere in the future.”

She also said: “I love Dodie Clark’s music and writing style, she’s been a huge influence on how I write and perform – it was her material that got me to appreciate the ukulele more than I already did.

“The writing came reasonably easy, sometimes I’d be up first thing in the morning with an idea and I’d be desperate to get it written down.

“There aren’t any plans to tour it just yet, I’ll stick to gigs around Leicester.”

Miss Baker-Smith also said that she was ecstatic with how her EP has turned out, particularly certain tracks.

“I think my favourite track on the album is Mind Over Matter, which is partly inspired by people who live their lives in a very different way and are comfortable with it, they’re not afraid to do their own thing at all.”

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