DMU Student attacked near university campus

By Ruairi O’Connor

A student has described how he was attacked and chased by a group of men near the De Montfort University campus, on Eastern Boulevard, early on Thursday morning.

Sam Pullen, 18, a Forensic Science student at De Montfort University (DMU), was returning home late from a night out with friends when he walked past the group and was chased down.

He was on his way home from the Students’ Union bar when he was assaulted by the group, at approximately 3.30am on October 11.

He said: “I walked past the group and heard people running behind me which made me turn around to see these guys chasing me. I was still slightly intoxicated, so I got scared and ran towards campus.

“I was unsure of what they were attempting to do but they hit me whilst I was running away.”

Mr Pullen was not aware of how much discomfort he was in until the following day. However, the scars of the attack are not just physical but emotional too.

He continued: “Physically I was in a bit of pain but it wasn’t too bad until the following day, but afterwards I guess I felt partially relieved I did not end up in anything worse.

“I was also upset, angry and embarrassed at what happened because I had never experienced anything like this before.”

There have been a number of unconfirmed rumours about other recent incidents that have happened around the DMU campus area, plus a confirmed robbery when two men were held at knifepoint in Bede Park, also on October 11.

sam campus.jpeg

HAUNTING ORDEAL: Mr Pullen revisits the scene of the assault against him.

“I would urge people to stick to busy areas,” Mr Pullen added.

“On top of that, ensure you are always in a group and have each other’s contact information in case you get drawn into and difficult situations and also to let each other know you have arrived at home safely.”

Any victims of or witnesses to a crime are urged to report it as soon as possible to police on 101 or to the DMU security team on 0116 257 7642.

In response to the incidents, DMU’s 24-hour on-campus security team has increased patrols on campus and has had meetings with De Montfort Students’ Union to discuss ways to promote student safety and discuss concerns.

Residents plea for more police after crime rate spikes

By Olivia Mumby

Residents of Leicester’s Elston Fields area are calling for an increase in police presence after a recent spike in crime in the area.

The park, known as ‘Tick-tock park’, is near Saffron Lane and has seen an increase in crime over the past few weeks.

Most recently, a white Audi was found burning on the children’s play area.

Residents of the area are now calling for more officers on the street and for CCTV cameras to be installed in the park in an effort to deter criminals from operating in the area.

Speaking via Facebook, resident Mark Rowley said: “In the last week we’ve had a burnt-out motorcycle and now a car on Tick-tock park.

“Is there any chance of a more frequent police presence in this area? Installation of CCTV cameras would make us all feel much safer.

“It could save the council money instead of having to install new fencing and removing the vehicles.”

Speaking of a recent stabbing that occurred in Southfields Drive, where a man was killed, Mr Rowley said: “There’s been a stabbing, now a death – it’s extremely unnerving.”

As yet, there has been no word from the council about the resident’s concerns.

Mr Rowley continued: “There’s been two mopeds in the last couple of weeks too, they have been set alight and abandoned, leaving the tarmac footpaths in a scorched condition.

“It’s not fair to the decent families who want a safe place to live.”

Another resident, Amy Morgan, said: “There have been numerous stabbings in Leicester of late.

“We need more police officers on our streets but down to government cut-backs, I can’t see this happening in the near future, maybe more neighbourhood watch groups and youth groups working with this issue could help.”

Adventurers gather for new board game coffee shop

By Alex Murray

Leicester’s first ever board game coffee shop opened it’s doors to the public this week, with Quest welcoming players for the first time.

The shop, which opened on Belvoir Street, gives game enthusiasts the chance to relax and play their favourite board games, and to also chat with friends.IMG_2277

The shop has over 130 games available for players to enjoy, including favourites such as Hungry Hungry Hippos and host other games such as Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh!

Charlie Smith, who visited the coffee bar this week, said: “When you walk in it’s like a normal war hammer/game shop but if you walk down the stairs you enter a new world! It’s the perfect place for socialising and board gaming! There’s even a section dedicated for babies!”

Quest has a main area for gaming, with a variety of tables and chairs for all your gaming needs.

However, there are also console gaming facilities available, and a secret room for role-playing games such as dungeons and dragons.

Matthew Johnson said: “So many different teas on offer and they do some amazing gluten free cake!.

“Whether it’s hungry hippos or dungeons and dragons, it’s a perfect venue for games with mates.”

The coffee bar is available for bookings or just walk-ins.

It also has a retail area that stocks a variety of board games, role playing books, card games and many other gaming accessories.

To play at Quest, it costs £1.60 per person, per hour or £4.50 for a three-hour slot. Other timed slots will be available in the future, however pricing on these is yet to be decided.

So if you are enthusiastic about your board games, head down to Quest to satisfy your taste for your favourite board games, or maybe even a new one.



Leicester City Council start putting up Christmas lights

By Tyler Arthur 

Representatives from the Leicester City Council have started to put up this year’s Christmas lights, in preparation for the festive season which always sees the city centre transform into a winter wonderland.

On Sunday, October 21, the council’s contractors started the long and impressive task of putting up the thousands of lights and decorations around the main streets of the centre.

There has been a yearly additional spend of £50,000, the same that has been spent annually for the last three Christmases, to replace any broken decorations or lights, whilst also getting some new exciting decorations.

The lights will be switched on on Thursday, November 22.

Leicester club could be torn down for new hotel

By Alex Murray
Leicester nightclub Blueprint could be knocked down to make way for a new hotel and apartment block, it has been revealed.
Proposals have been drawn up that would see the club knocked down to make way for a new major development in Leicester.
Documents submitted to the council show a new planned hotel, that also combines flats in a horseshoe design.
The site would be next to the St Margarets Bus Station, alongside the popular Club Republic.
The planning documents plan to knock down Blueprint, claiming that the club looks run down, and does not fit in with the rest of the area.
The plans will be looked over by the council, before they give a final verdict on whether to allow the plans to go ahead.