City Mayor approves four 20mph zones in Leicester

By Ross Barnett

Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby has approved four new 20mph zones around residential areas in Leicester.

Sixty streets will be affected in four zones around the city.

Streets around St Peter’s Church of England Primary School in Belgrave, Medway Primary School in Highfields, Goodwood, and around Hazel Primary School in Filbert Street will have the new speed limit introduced.

According to the City Council’s website, 91 per cent of residents were in favour of the first zone while the rest received 92 per cent, 85 per cent, and 95 per cent respectively.

The cost is expected to total £70,000 for all four new areas and will hope to increase safety as well as encourage more people to walk or cycle.

In addition, speed cushions are expected to be installed along Davenport Road in Goodwood around February 2019.

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