The Little Theatre attracts big crowd on opening night of cult classic musical

By Jake Olner

Hundreds of people piled through the doors of the Little Theatre last night (Mon Oct 8) for the opening show of the cult classic musical the Little Shop of Horrors.

Last night marked the first showing of a week-long production of the iconic musical the Little Shop of Horrors.

The horror comedy musical brought loyal regulars and new customers and sold over 200 tickets on the opening night.

Claire Goodwin, who has been working at the theatre as a barmaid for 14 years, said: “I noticed that there was a lot of people here tonight that I haven’t seen before, new people.

“That’s just the type of show it is – it’s the Little Shop of Horrors, it has a cult following, doesn’t it?”

The Little Theatre in Dover Street, Leicester, has been a staple of the city’s arts and entertainment scene for nearly one hundred years, celebrating its centenary in 2022.

The bar manager, Kathy Anderton, who has been working at the theatre for 23 years, said: “The beauty of this theatre is that it’s a small intimate space.

“It’s such a nice old-fashioned theatre, everything’s red and gold like theatres used to be.

“We know our customers by name and it’s great,” she added.

Throngs of excited theatre-goers waited in the busy foyer before being asked to take their seats in the auditorium.


Malcolm, treasurer of The IDOLS, welcomes in the audience to the auditorium

Rebecca Tinsley, 56, of Humberstone, who was enjoying the evening with her two daughters, said: “I took Ruby, my youngest daughter, to see it when she was younger and it stuck with her and now she’s brought the tickets for me.

“We’re absolutely regulars, we’ve been coming here since even I was a little dot.

“The Little Theatre is near, convenient, well priced and they put on really good productions.

“It’s just a little more intimate than bigger theatres and we like that.”

This week’s showing of the musical is being orchestrated by The IDOLS production company who have been performing musical shows in Leicester for over 60 years.

Amber French, 18, who studies performing arts at De Montfort University, said after the performance: “I have not seen the show before but I was very impressed tonight.

“I loved the relationship between Seymour and Audrey, that was great, and the dentist was really funny.

“I would highly recommend it to someone who hasn’t seen it before, it was really, really good.”

Tickets are £15 and can be brought online or from the theatre’s box office between 10.30am and 7pm.

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