Take a trip to the fascination that is the John Lennon Wall

Nakisha Cazley visited the famous John Lennon Wall with its graffiti messages of protest and peace.

The Prague Cosmetics Guide

Sephora, Rossman, Douglas. Prague offers a variety of different shops for cosmetics, and a large collection of brands not directly available in the UK.

9 brilliant places to booze in Prague

Prague is well known for its cheap beers. With countless venues to choose from here are nine brilliant places to booze in Prague.

What’s a Hindu Temple doing in Prague zoo?

A visit to Prague Zoo is a must for tourists but finding a Hindu temple there was not what Jessica Varia expected.

VIDEO: Another take on a day in the spa town of Poděbrady

Poděbrady is a historical spa town lying 31 miles east of Prague, with a tranquil feel where the pace of life is leisurely and undisturbed.