Video: the delights of the town of Poděbrady

Watch a video report about a visit to the delightful town of Podebrady.

Art in Prague #1: Dali, Mucha and Warhol

For all of those who find themselves tired just by standing in the middle of the breathtaking yet tourist-packed Old Town Square, there is a secret gateway – the door of the Gallery of Art where the current exhibitions of Dali, Mucha and Warhol will take you to another universe in the heart of Prague.

There’s something different about McDonald’s in Prague

Unlike McDonald’s by Firebug or the clock tower back in Leicester, Prague offers a more upmarket setting for the fast food chain.

Watch: Kisha Cazley’s Prague vlogs

Journalism and Media student Nakisha Cazley has produced a regular vlog during a summer internship working for the iForum website run by Charles University in Prague.

LIVE BLOG: #onedayinprague 2018

A bomb scare and the evacuation of a shopping mall are among a string of events and places reported on in today’s live blog from Prague.