Seeing Charles Bridge…from the water

Whilst visiting Prague I found there are a variety of different transportation methods for seeing the sites, but have you ever thought of a pedalo?

The Generali Arena at a glance

Ryan Blacklaws paid a visit to the Generali Arena which is home to the Czech Republic’s most successful football team, AC Sparta Prague.

Video: Chimney Cake Taste Test

Reporters Jessica Varia and Pamela Lyon scoured Prague for a traditional delicacy, cooked over charcoals.

Art in Prague #2: Hynek Martinec’s Voyage to Iceland

Hynek Martinec’s form of modern baroque art caught the eye of Aleksandra Brzezicka during her visit to the National Gallery at the Sternberg Palace.

Take a trip to the fascination that is the John Lennon Wall

Nakisha Cazley visited the famous John Lennon Wall with its graffiti messages of protest and peace.