DMU hosts fascinating Art and Science Workshop

By Muhsin Cabdi

Many people attended a workshop which took place in De Montfort University last week on Monday.

The workshop, which took place as part of the Cultural Exchanges program, showcased works with the common theme of art and science.


The workshop was run by artists Gillian Adair and Ruth Singer, and with geneticist Turi King.

Ruth and Gillian had been working together for four years, creating works that combined science and genetics with their artwork.

They had worked on several projects together and eventually began working with Turi on further projects.

Gillian said: “We got to do all sorts of fun stuff.

“We worked with Turi, extracting our DNA.”

The workshop was two hours long and it was split up into two parts.

The first section of the workshop was where Turi, Gillian and Ruth introduced themselves and the work they had done.


One of the exhibits on display during the workshop

Gillian and Ruth discussed their work together and past experiences.

Turi’s presentation gave a brief lecture on DNA, whilst also discussing how this was relevant to confirming the identity of King Richard III’s skeleton which was found underneath a parking lot in Leicester in 2012.

The second half of the workshop was more interactive, where individuals attending the workshop were able to take part in activities.

These included extracting DNA from a banana and decorating a petri dish for a collage.

When asked what inspired her to take part in Cultural Exchanges, Turi attributed her choice to the other two speakers in the workshop.

She said: “It’s been working with Gillian and Ruth.

“The last year has been such fun and we’re looking for ways to expand it further.”

Ruth said that none of her work was on display in Leicester.

However she added: “There is some work on display in the Rugby Museum until 10 March.”

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