Video: DMU’s The Venue to host International Women’s Day Conference

By Emily Barker

The Venue at De Montfort University will be hosting a conference for International Women’s Day on Thursday (March 8) from 12pm to 4.15pm.

The conference is being hosted by DMU, with De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) running workshops and host talks on the day.


Mollie Footitt, DP Education at DSU, said: “I do think International Women’s Day needs to be widely celebrated throughout all different areas and walks of life, ensuring that women are empowered to do the same jobs and get the same recognition that their male counterparts get.

“Equally, binary women as well as non-binary women, making sure that everyone has that right and that ability to do what they wish to do in life.

“Although this is only a one-day conference, women empowerment is every day.”

Mollie Footitt

Mollie Footitt, DP Education at DSU

At the event, there will be two workshops, a range of guest speakers and a Q&A session.

Guest speakers will include the Pro-Vice Chancellor of DMU and Arts, Design and Humanities Dean, Alison Honour, PhD student Nabeelah Ahmed Omarjee and Alice Hawkins’ great-grandson Peter Barratt, amongst others.

Anyone can get involved with the free event, no tickets needed.

This event is being held to embrace women all over the world, as well as the DMU lecturers and students.

DSU officers hope also to get a student expression board in the Campus Centre on Thursday, on which people can write empowering quotes and write about women who inspire them.

If you would like more information on this event, contact Mollie by email on or by phone on 0116 366 4855.

De Montfort University set to see transformations as Students’ Union ramps up preparations for election period

By Perry Johnson

Candidates who are running in the Students’ Union election are being urged to promote themselves around the De Montfort University campus ahead of when voting opens on March 12.

The elections for positions in the student-run organisation will see several key changes to its structure with the introduction of five new full-time sabbatical team members and six part-time representatives as well as changes to course reps, societies and sporting committees.

However, this future shake-up to the team is not the only change this election season has seen.


Mike Mayes – Vice President of Media and Communications at De Montfort Students’ Union

Mike Mayes, Vice President of Media and Communications for the union, said: “There are some interesting trends that have come out.

“We have more postgraduates going for elected, full-time positions and we have also got an increase of Black, Asian and minority ethnic students running for full-time officer positions which is encouraging.”

Mr Mayes encouraged anybody who sees candidates promoting themselves around the campus to stop and listen to the changes they want to make to improve the university, highlighting that it us still not too late to show an interest.

“The best way to get involved in elections at this point is to get online, read people’s manifestos and find out who has been nominated for the various positions,” he said.

Anyone with any questions or queries about the elections can get in touch with a full-time officer on the team or contact the student voice team at



New spin off Harry Potter series Managing Mischief planned for De Montfort University students

By Rosie Vacciana-Browne

De Montfort University student James McKinnon is developing a new radio series for all avid Harry Potter fans.

Managing Mischief will follow the lives of a young James, Sirius, Ramus and Peter from the original Potter books.


James, 18, said listeners can expect to hear: “Them (James, Sirius, Ramus and Peter) getting up to all types of shenanigans.”

The inspiration for the show came from James’ love for fan-fiction and the Harry Potter books.

He also cites The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as a major influence, about which he said: “It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever head, it’s up there with Monty Python, it’s that funny! I wanted to create something like that.”


James is hoping to air the audio series Managing Mischief over DMU’s radio station Demon FM later this year.

Harry Potter has an inclusive and wide fan base and James expects no different for Managing Mischief.

He said: “There’s no real age target for Harry Potter fans. I’ve met people that are six who love the books and people who are 60 who love them just as much.”

Each episode will run for 10 to 15 minutes, with the visuals uploaded via YouTube for audiences to watch afterwards.

James said he will be casting for Managing Mischief later this year.

If you would like the opportunity to be involved in the series, keep up to date with the Demon Media social network pages for the latest developments.

Video: CODE Accommodation’s mental health event a roaring success

By Bethany Spence

A housing complex in Leicester hosted a Mental Health Awareness event for its student residents aiming to draw attention to the different ways to positively impact their mental states in the run up to exam season.

Over the course of the afternoon last Thursday (8th March), CODE accommodation residents were treated to displays and surprise performances by various De Montfort University societies, such as the DMU Student Choir and the DMU Bollywood Society.

The event allowed the community to congregate in the on-site café and sample various mock-tails (kindly supplied by the DMU Cocktail Society) and other freebies, as well as plan events with various local businesses attending.


Louisa Stratton, reporter Bethany Spence and Joshua Marvin at the CODE event.

A member of the DMU Laser Tag stall, Josh Marvin, said; “I definitely feel like being in a society has helped me, because the people you meet there share a common interest outside of university, which can’t always be said for your course-mates.

“Laser Tag is just a fun way of making new friends and being able to express yourself. You get to run around, use some of your energy and shoot stuff.”

One of the biggest draws of the event was a miniature petting zoo, featuring stars such as Lily the new-born lamb and Tallulah the pig.

Hiral Depala, a student living at CODE, said: “Living here we get lots of events to try to encourage interaction between the blocks. I can’t wait to see what else CODE does to help make our student digs more like a community.”


Hiral Depala, a resident of CODE, holds a new-born lamb.

Leicester bar opens its doors to the homeless

By Beth Surridge

Leicester’s Natterjacks bar has started opening its doors every Monday to give the homeless food, drink and shelter.

After the freezing weather brought over by the “Beast from the East”, the bar decided it would be a good idea to open its doors from 8am to 2pm on Mondays to give something back to the community.


Employee Claudia Sharp said: “There was a homeless man who sat outside every day, we bought him cake and a hot drink and soon after we collectively decided it would be a good idea to do this every Monday to help more people.”

The bar is also partnering with Tesco in Braunstone Gate which is donating unsold bread, fruit and veg that would otherwise be thrown away.

Claudia added: “We are not doing this for publicity, we just want to help the homeless in the wet, rain and cold.”

Picture1The plan was only launched yesterday (Monday March 5) when two homeless people popped in.

Claudia added: “Helping two people is better than not helping at all.”

The employees are all pleased with the amount of community spirit that has been shown, with many donations such as clothes and bedding being handed in to the bar to be given out every Monday.

Natterjacks’ main aim now is to get the word spread around the homeless community, and staff plan on doing this by telling the homeless as they walk past them in the street and also handing out posters and leaflets in order to help as many people as they can.