Graduate Roberto launches career as international photo-journalist

Roberto Palomo

Former DMU international student Roberto Palomo is launching a career as a freelance photojournalist.

“I know it’s going to be a tough journey, however, there is nothing as beautiful as fighting for your dreams,” says Roberto.

Journalism and Media and Communication graduate Roberto will spend at least until the end of the year in Central America looking for newsworthy stories and documenting life there with his camera. His aim is to photograph and write about the political and social situation in countries such as Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“Cuba is experiencing historical changes; Haiti is the poorest American country and the whole region suffered the consequences of a hurricane last summer. There are interesting stories there to photograph and write about,” he said.

Roberto, who graduated from DMU in 2016, flies to Cuba this week.

He spent the last year in Barcelona, in his native Spain, where he decided to focus on his photography. He attended various workshops, talked with journalists and collaborated with charities defending refugees’ rights.

His portfolio includes many striking images taken in the streets of the city.

This image captures life on the streets of Barcelona


He believes the best way to get attention from editors is to raise a profile and the internet and social media is a tremendous tool to expose and give visibility to his work. Thanks to other colleges and his own research, Roberto has found a strategy for his ambitions.

“My strategy is to combine time collecting stories with time circulating it. I have designed my own website, created social media networks, made a list of potential publications and agencies to target, researched photograph libraries and competitions and, most importantly, made contacts within all areas of journalism and life.”

A Barcelona street scene

He has saved money, packed his bags, got his laptop and camera ready, and aims to make his own way in the industry.

He adds a message for those looking forward to becoming journalists: “Do not get too obsessive about earning money, it will distract you from your professional purpose. Think that recognition will arrive at some point, if you put your effort into a project.”

Roberto’s work can be followed at and on his social media profile on instagram/bobypigeon or

He says he is always happy for people to contact him.


Leicester residents react to ‘vile’ Katie Hopkins tweets

By Kiran Bedder-Patel

Following the unexpected house explosion that struck in Hinckley Road on Sunday, the people of Leicester were quick to react on social media to pay tributes to those who helped, got injured and who later died.

However, twitter has also been home to some highly unpleasant tweets.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 21.25.14

Controversial former reality TV star and columnist Katie Hopkins tweeted within hours of the explosion but instead of offering sympathy and support to victims, she linked it to Islam and terrorism.

And former British National Party leader Nick Griffin also posted remarks linking the incident with terrorism.

Sunil Dhokia, 25, a salesman from Thurmaston, Leicester, who works in the city centre, said: “They were bang out of order. She didn’t need to say it. There needs to be unity of the city, to mourn for the families that have lost those who were in the explosion.

“To attack an ethnic minority group like that is not right. It’s not ethically right, it’s not morally right.” Watch his full response on the video below.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 20.52.40
Hopkins reacted to a tweet from Leicestershire police declaring a major incident, by asking if a Hotpoint fridge was to blame for the explosion, relating it to the cause of the Grenfell Tower fire.

And she tweeted: ‘Gas explosion. Right up there with lone wolf. And ‘from former Yugoslavia. #Leicester’

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 20.52.57

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 21.09.43
In a tweet on the night of the incident, which has since been removed, Hopkins tweeted:  ‘Brother Faisal needs to practise his squat jogs. Correction, needed to.’

Eljenna Saeed, 20, is a car broker from Braunstone who is a Muslim, who said:
“I am very offended at what she said and she is very quick to jump the gun.”

Five people who are missing after the explosion on Sunday night have been named as probable victims.

Mary Ragoobeer, 46, and her two sons Shane, 18, and Sean, 17, lived in the flat above the supermarket which was destroyed in the explosion.

All three are still missing.

Leah Beth Reek, 18, who is Shane’s girlfriend, is also missing, as is 22-year-old Viktorija Ljevleva who is thought to have been working in the supermarket, called Zabka, at the time of the explosion.