Spoof drugs video goes viral

By James Cannell

A spoof video about drug use was blown out of proportion as it hit over 52,000 views after being up for only a month.


Alex Hudson, who made the spoof video

The video was posted to “Leedsfestspotted”, an Instagram page for graphic and controversial videos, back in late January. Since then it has gained just over 52,500 views and 2,800 likes.

DMU graphic design student Alex Hudson, who made the video and appears at the start of it, sent it to the page in early January, but it was not published until January 26.

The eight second long clip starts with Alex filming himself before flipping the camera to catch his  friend, Joe Grisley walking towards him and abruptly being asked ‘Are you doing drugs?’

Alex said: “I sent the video because I thought it was very iconic in relation to leedsfestspotted content.

“Comparing my video to the other videos on the page it didn’t really standout.”

The Leedsfestspotted Instagram page has over 86,000 followers in total, however many of their videos barely break the 40,000.

Alex said: “The page is very popular so I knew the video would get views, however I never expected it to break the 50k mark.”

Alex confirmed that the video was just a spoof and he had not taken any drugs when he made the video. He said: “It was mainly just alcohol consumption.”

His friend, Joe Grisley, who was the main star of the video, is currently travelling in Thailand and was unable to comment.

One of his flatmates, George Orpe, however, added: “I was there that night, he was just acting really drunk which isn’t surprising, he wouldn’t do drugs.”

If you would like to watch more of Alex’s videos you can follow his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWt3yW7SPjeVmzNSvPVgEDQ, or follow the Leedsfestspotted on Instagram.


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