DMUFC head into Varsity as League Champions

By Ross Barnett

A 4-0 win over Derby 3rd XI secured the Midlands 4B league title for De Montfort University 1st XI.

The league victory sees the DMU 1st XI bounce back after suffering relegation from Division 3 last season.

James Dillon, goalkeeper for the team, said: “It’s a good feeling to win the league but it was always one that we felt we should be winning.”

The side only dropped four points in the ten matches this season including a loss against University of Leicester 3rd XI at the start of the season and a draw against University of Nottingham 4th XI three weeks ago.


DMUFC celebrating after winning the title

James Dillon attributed the league success to a change in structure at the club: “The new manager has made a massive difference. Last year we had student managers who knew a lot about the game but could sometimes be criticised for picking their friends.

“Our hard work and commitment paid off during pre-season and our strength and conditioning has been a massive help as we have pulled away from many teams in the last 20 minutes of matches.”

Varsity is only 13 days away and the team are in the middle of preparations for their annual fixture against University of Leicester.

“Varsity is the biggest event of the season,” said James, “If we get thrashed in it then the season is a bit of a damp squib.

“It’s only when you walk onto the pitch at Varsity when you get a sense of how big it is and we’ll be ready come Monday 12th March.

“Last year we had a team of mostly first years, so as we are all more experienced I think we will be better prepared even though we only lost 1-0 to a piece of brilliance last year.”

Tickets are not required for the match which will kick off at 7.30pm at Beaumont Park on 12th March.

DMU Falcons American football team eager for Varsity challenge

By Mahima Kshatriya

A member of the De Montfort University (DMU) American football society says the team are more determined than ever to win this year’s Varsity contest.

Tyler Arthur, a second year Journalism student at DMU, feels that, following last year’s 6-0 defeat to the University of Leicester (UoL), the Falcons are much more motivated than last year and are up for the challenge.


He said: “We want to take the game to them and have a good battle. All the team members are determined to step up and do something different.”

Tyler will be playing in the key position of quarterback this year, but aims to help his team-mates to do their best.

“My personal desire is to make sure that I allow other players on my offensive side to do whatever they can,” he said.

“I want to be able to facilitate all the other players in the offence to do all they can. My main priority I consider to be facilitating everyone to have their best chance of success, especially in Varsity.”


Despite being a first year student in last year’s Varsity game, Tyler managed to get in the starting team which in turn motivated him for this year’s game. Although he has changed his position, he thinks the experience from the last year will be really beneficial.


With many of his colleagues leaving this year, Tyler said that he will do everything to win for his departing team-mates

“It has been an emotional year for me, working alongside a lot of people I really love,” he said.

“Knowing they are leaving has motivated me more to win this game. We will be pretty much trying everything to win this game.”

Leicester celebrates the Hindu Holi festival of colour this weekend at Abbey Park

By Francisca Quádrio

Unleash the child in you this Saturday (March 3) and go to Abbey Park to celebrate the Holi festival in Leicester, from 12pm to 4pm.

This event is the perfect family activity providing an energising blend of culture with exciting activities and action-packed entertainment.


The Hindu celebration has been marked in Leicester in many ways in the past but the new Leicester Holi 2018 is a free event in Abbey Park.

It will include yoga sessions and visitors will be invited to participate in Indian games of Kho-Kho and Kabaddi, spin the ‘Wheel of Virtue’ and take part in the highlight of the day, the Dhuleti, also known as the ‘colours festival’.

If you are feeling hungry, don’t worry! The festival will bring you mouth-watering Indian dishes provided by Leicester caterers such as Milans Pau Bhaji, Indigo and Mirch Masala.

This is a festival is for the whole family so children will also have something in store for them, with activities ranging from story-telling and face-painting to selfies with Holi characters.

On stage, there will be a theatrical production, dance performances and an interactive quiz with the audience.

The festival is running a contest where visitors can win a signed basketball from the Leicester Riders or a pair of tickets to a Leicester Riders game. The only thing they have to do is draw a picture to show what Holi means to them and to email it to by 11.59pm on Wednesday (Feb 28). The winners will be announced on stage at Leicester Holi 2018.

People across Leicestershire are urged not to miss the exciting Hindu spring festival in Leicester and to bring friends and family – but most importantly, to remember not to wear their favourite clothes.

Cold weather stops more than just buses

By Tristan Purnell 

It would appear that the winter weather has stopped more than the buses this winter after a climate change expert had to cancel his trip to Leicester – because of the sudden cold snap.

Professor Matthew Hibberd, who has lectured and researched at institutions such as the University of Italian Switzerland and the University of Stirling, was due to come to De Montfort University (DMU) yesterday to give a lecture about the effects of climate change and crisis communications.

Unfortunately, in an ironic twist of fate, Professor Hibberd had to cancel his visit due to the harsh weather conditions, including snow and ice, on the roads.

Not all is lost however, Mr Hibberd has pledged that he hopes to re-schedule his visit, although no dates have yet been confirmed.

Forecast chills of down to -15C are enough for anyone to consider cancelling their plans and put the heating on. But why is Britain suddenly so cold?

Named the “beast from the east”, the source of the cold weather is an unusual phenomenon which has led cold Siberian air to flow over to the UK, bringing a blast of snow and ice.

Nevertheless, students at DMU demonstrated the British ‘can do’ and ‘get on with it’ attitude towards the weather.

One first year student at DMU, Jamal Amir, 20, said “The weather hasn’t affected me too badly, sure, I may leave the flat a little less when it’s really cold but whatever the weather, I’ve still things to get done for example, shopping.”

Another DMU student, John Farrell, 21, added: “Yes, the cold is quite uncomfortable but it’s not going to last forever.”

Even with this attitude, students and tutors alike are advised to stay in when the weather turns nasty.

The cold and dry weather is meant to last at least until Thursday, after which the ‘beast from the east’ is meant to retreat back to Siberia.

Spoof drugs video goes viral

By James Cannell

A spoof video about drug use was blown out of proportion as it hit over 52,000 views after being up for only a month.


Alex Hudson, who made the spoof video

The video was posted to “Leedsfestspotted”, an Instagram page for graphic and controversial videos, back in late January. Since then it has gained just over 52,500 views and 2,800 likes.

DMU graphic design student Alex Hudson, who made the video and appears at the start of it, sent it to the page in early January, but it was not published until January 26.

The eight second long clip starts with Alex filming himself before flipping the camera to catch his  friend, Joe Grisley walking towards him and abruptly being asked ‘Are you doing drugs?’

Alex said: “I sent the video because I thought it was very iconic in relation to leedsfestspotted content.

“Comparing my video to the other videos on the page it didn’t really standout.”

The Leedsfestspotted Instagram page has over 86,000 followers in total, however many of their videos barely break the 40,000.

Alex said: “The page is very popular so I knew the video would get views, however I never expected it to break the 50k mark.”

Alex confirmed that the video was just a spoof and he had not taken any drugs when he made the video. He said: “It was mainly just alcohol consumption.”

His friend, Joe Grisley, who was the main star of the video, is currently travelling in Thailand and was unable to comment.

One of his flatmates, George Orpe, however, added: “I was there that night, he was just acting really drunk which isn’t surprising, he wouldn’t do drugs.”

If you would like to watch more of Alex’s videos you can follow his YouTube channel at, or follow the Leedsfestspotted on Instagram.