DMUFC head into Varsity as League Champions

A 4-0 win over Derby 3rd XI secured the Midlands 4B league title for De Montfort University 1st XI.

DMU Falcons American football team eager for Varsity challenge

A member of the De Montfort University (DMU) American football society says the team are more determined than ever to win this year’s Varsity contest.

Leicester celebrates the Hindu Holi festival of colour this weekend at Abbey Park

Unleash the child in you this Saturday (March 3) and go to Abbey Park to celebrate the Holi festival in Leicester, from 12pm to 4pm

Cold weather stops more than just buses

A climate change expert had to cancel a visit to Leicester – because of the cold blast of Siberian weather.

Spoof drugs video goes viral

A spoof video about drug use was blown out of proportion as it hit over 52,000 views after being up for only a month.