Inter-uni competition ends in success for DMU Dance

By Sophie Sandberg

De Montfort University’s dance society last week hosted its first-ever inter-uni dance competition which ended in great success.

Photo 20-02-2018, 21 02 05

Dance societies from four universities took part in the friendly inter-uni dance competition, organised by DMU’s dance society, at the Venue in Leicester.

About 87 dancers from DMU, University of Westminster, Lincoln University, and from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, competed in 11 categories in this year’s competition.

Bekki Mistri, the president of DMU’s dance society, said: “We have been a society for 11 years and never hosted a competition like this.

“It’s been a plan for the society for years to host our own competition. We’ve attended other university competitions and have always wanted to host our own, and I’m so proud that we actually did it and that I got to be a part of it all,” she added.

DMU were placed first in beginners hip-hop, solo and in the wildcard category.

Photo 20-02-2018, 21 06 08

Bekki Mistri (centre), holding one of DMU’s well-deserved trophies

The best choreography was also awarded to DMU for its performance in the contemporary category, choreographed by Bethan Harrop.

The society’s committee has been planning the competition since June last year but due to issues with the cost of the venue, the competition had to be put off for a while.

Miss Mistri said: “I think it’s important for university societies to organise events like these as it gives members an opportunity to perform, compete, and support their society.

“It also builds confidence, creates a sense of inclusion and provides experiences that university tuition alone can’t provide.

“I was definitely impressed with the quality of the dances from all universities, but what impressed me most was the team spirit.

“Everyone genuinely supported each other, so the atmosphere was friendly and enjoyable for everyone.”

Parking permit changes criticised by student

By Matthew Chandler

28052896_1675210969205091_1714002694_nLeicester City Council’s changes to parking permits have been criticised by a car-owning university student.

In a press statement on January 31, the council announced that, while a standard resident’s parking permit will remain £25 per year, a new limit of four resident’s permits per household will be introduced in all current resident-only parking zones, with the exception of Bede Island.

In addition, a new 12-month visitor permit will cost £30, and new smartcards have been introduced that cost £10 and allow residents to request free two-hour permits from on-street parking machines.

Annie Clifton, a second-year media and communications student at De Montfort University (DMU), is aggrieved that, despite multiple adjustments made, the standard resident’s permit remains unchanged.

“It’s slightly annoying as a student because I am only going to be in this house until probably May,” she said.

“If I was parking all year round, £25 is not bad but because I am only parking until May or June it is quite expensive for a few months’ parking.”

Annie lives within the Westcotes residents parking scheme – zone F – where payment needs to be made for a full 12 months in February, irrespective of how long you spend living there.

“I think I might see if I can get some sort of partial refund,” she added.

“It was such a hassle to get the permit in the first place. It took months. I had to send off documents and then they would give me a special login which did not work. They would not reply to emails for days and then it took a long time to be delivered.”

A council spokesperson said: “If people no longer need their permit (ie if they are moving away or no longer have their car) then they can return the permit and get a refund for the months remaining until it expires.”

The new permit rules will be introduced during the next six months.

Cllr Kirk Master, assistant city mayor for neighbourhood services, in a statement on the council’s website said: “We also need to ensure that the charges relating to residents’ parking zones are sufficient to ensure that the schemes effectively fund themselves.”

Full details of rules regarding parking permits are available at