Philharmonia Orchestra astounds audience at De Montfort Hall

By Alex Leadbitter

The Philharmonia Orchestra played at De Montfort Hall and left audiences stunned after a breath-taking performance last Wednesday.

The world renowned orchestra’s set consisted of three pieces that lasted little over an hour and a half and provided a thoroughly enjoyable evening for the paying guests.


Led by conductor Juraj Valčuha, the orchestra performed Kodaly’s ‘Dances of Galanta’, Bartok’s ‘Concerto for Orchestra’ and Beethoven’s ‘Piano Concerto No. 3’.

Beethoven’s ‘Piano Concerto No. 3’ was masterfully executed by Bulgarian pianist, Evgeni Bozhanov, a world class performer who captivated the hundreds in attendance, accompanied by a sea of strings and brass.

In attendance was Leicester student Chloé Bn, 22, who said: “The orchestra performed very well, I particularly liked the second part with piano. Beethoven is one of my all-time favourite composers and the pianist was really moving.”

She continued: “I really hope that they will come back soon to play so I can make sure that I take all my friends with me. Even if you don’t usually listen to orchestral music it is really enjoyable.”

The Philharmonia Orchestra has had a partnership with De Montfort Hall for the last couple of years which is part of a year-round programme of music-making which involves DMU students and staff and Philharmonia musicians.

The orchestra is continuing to tour around the UK throughout February playing in Basingstoke, London, Cardiff and Canterbury.

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