Blood on the snow: a century since Russia’s revolution

Famine, bloodshed, dynastic overthrow and political upheaval. Russia’s revolution is as brutal and painful a subject now as it was then, writes Ollie Heppenstall.

De Montfort University aims to give free reusable cups to students

De Montfort University is aiming to give students a free, sustainable cup to reduce the amount of plastic used on campus.

De Montfort arts clubs are stunning success

A De Montfort University outreach co-ordinator is aiming to expand on the success of local arts clubs in and around Leicester and run as part of the DMU Square Mile projects by opening a campus-based arts club.

De Montfort Students’ Union launches campaign to raise awareness of ‘invisible’ disabilities

De Montfort Student’s Union has this week launched a campaign to highlight hidden disabilities.

DMU Journalism students take to the pitch in FA People’s Cup

With the FA People’s Cup just weeks away, the students of De Montfort’s Journalism department are once again in preparation for this year’s competition.