Basic Life Support training offered to students at DMU

By Alice Warner, Alex Leadbitter and Ollie Churm

The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust is giving free basic life support training to DMU students today at the Students Union.

They hope to teach students what to do if someone has a cardiac arrest or if another life-threatening situation arises.


The session entails looking at an unconscious patient who is breathing and looking at how to properly conduct chest compressions and defibrillation.

Alan White, who is in charge of the demonstrations today, said: “We have come to teach basic life support, if someone has a cardiac arrest then we are here to teach students what to do.

“We are targeting students because they fall into a category of a group of 12-35 year olds that could potentially have inherited heart conditions and do not do regular sport and exercise.”

Mr white claims the chances of these people surviving a cardiac arrest if help is given goes up to 80-90%, which is drastically higher than the current survival rate of 24%.

So, get down to the students union before 3pm for your chance to learn lifesaving skills.


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