Time Lords travel into 21st century Leicester this weekend

By Ollie Churm

Doctor Who fans in Leicestershire had sonic screwdrivers and model Tardises out in force last weekend when a Science of the Time Lords event took place at the National Space Centre.


Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann (the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth doctor), were all in attendance at the event on the Sunday, which caused a huge stir amongst fans of ‘the Doctor’.

Peter Sheehan, a local nurse and long-time Doctor Who fan and collector, expressed his enthusiasm ahead of the event as he looked forward to meeting the Doctors that he used to watch while he was growing up.

“I’ve been watching Doctor Who ever since the first episode aired in 1963 and I’ve been collecting videos and antiques ever since,” he said.

“There’s just something about it which I think appeals to all audiences, whether it be the children who enjoy the adventure and science fiction elements, the mothers who enjoy the romance, or the fathers who enjoy the old memorabilia such as vintage radios.

“Sylvester McCoy is my favourite Doctor of them all since he brings a certain humour to the role. Being able to meet him there will truly be amazing. I’m hoping to get a picture with him in the TARDIS while I’m there on the Sunday.”

The event allowed visitors to discover the science behind Doctor Who and welcomed fans of all ages. There were plenty of workshops and challenges aimed to teach youngsters more about space and science as well, whilst it provided a fun and enjoyable experience.

Visitors had the chance to get an autograph, or have their photo taken with the doctors in the Tardis set with full scale Tardis interior, as well as a fan-built recreation of the Dalek City, including a 14ft Emperor Dalek.

Many actors and actresses that have appeared on the show also made appearances, with special guests such as Dan Starkey (Strax), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra) and David Bradley, who portrayed William Hartnell (the first doctor).

Many students in Leicester were also very excited about the event, including Arondeep Nandra, a Biomedical student from DMU, who could not contain his excitement for the event.

“I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since I was really young and used to watch it at home when David Tennant was the Doctor and I’ve kept watching it even since I’ve been at uni,” he said.

“I’ve bought tickets to go with a few friends on the weekend and really can’t wait for it. It looks like it’s going to be so good and they’ve got loads lined up for it. I think it will get everyone excited for the new but controversial series with a female doctor.”

The event included an exhibition, Time Lord Trail, Hyperspace Hypermarket, and Doctor Who craft zone, which provided fans with a truly authentic experience.

There was an artist alley, which showcased lots of artwork including the works of some of the UK’s best-known artists such as comic book artist Grant Perkins and graphic designer Stuart Manning.

This Doctor Who event has been running for the past four years and looks as though it will be continuing well into the future with this year’s event being extremely well-attended.

From Leicester to Orlando – a DMU student’s trip to the Pro Bowl

By Tyler Arthur


Mason Hoath, at the 2018 Pro Bowl

The best of the NFL gather, every year, at the end of January – for the annual ‘Pro Bowl’, an event to celebrate the fans of American football and provide a fan experience just one week before the final game of the season, the Super Bowl.

Mason Hoath, 21, is a big NFL fan who lives in Leicester while studying Computer Games Programming at De Montfort University.

He went to Orlando for a week, for the Pro Bowl and spent the week brushing shoulders with the likes of star players Antonio Brown and Russell Wilson.

“Being able to meet the players was great,” he said. “A lot of them are truly humble and down to earth. They live for their fans.”

Mason plays American football for the DMU Falcons, and he is a big fan of the New England Patriots, who are set to play in Super Bowl 52 next Sunday.

Last year, his father went to the Pro Bowl, and when he was flying home, he had a surprise planned for his jealous son.

“I asked how it was, and he said ‘It’ll be better next year when you’re with me.’ I couldn’t tell if he was being serious, at first.

“It felt amazing,” he said.

During his week in Orlando, Mason took part in the ‘NFL Experience’, which allows fans to take part in NFL Combine and ‘Skills Showdown’ activities, before the top talent head out and take part in their events.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.17.38

Mason making an impressive effort, at the Skills Showdown, just days before the likes of Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry

Now, as he returns to normality, in Leicester, Mason is even more enthusiastic about his favourite sport, and he can’t wait for the Super Bowl, and getting back to playing himself.

“It’s made me more passionate about the game, and I’m itching to get back out on the field.”

The DMU Falcons have their next fixture on Sunday, against the University of Worcester.


DMU artists begin exhibition at Leicester gallery

By Alex Murray

Fine Art students from De Montfort University have launched their new exhibition at the Lightbox Gallery in Leicester.

This is the second year of an exhibition at the gallery which is curated by the students, features various pieces of work by first, second and third years and focuses on the theory of movement throughout the body.

Conner Villette Lawman, a second year Fine Art student, explained how they set the exhibition up. He said: “When putting up the work, it took us time to configure what would go where.

“A lot of the work received related to the body and genetics; from here we then generated the theory of movement throughout the body.”

The exhibition is an insight into the work of the DMU artists, showing what it means to be an artist in modern times. It also gives an opportunity for students to showcase their work.

Mr Lawman also described what you can expect to see if you visit the exhibition.

“As soon as you enter the gallery you notice a few big pieces especially with a white and black piece based on genetics and DNA,” he said.


He added: “From the stage end you start from there and then see the exploration of the body and also colour as well with the bright bold nature from all the pieces.”

The exhibition opened to a reception, with free Prosecco being handed out to visitors. The event attracted many visitors, with some artwork also being on sale.

The exhibition opened on January 3 and runs until February 5, at the Lightbox Gallery, which is part of the Leicester Creative Business Depot.

Contour Fashion student recounts flight nightmare on #DMUGlobal New York trip

By Alice Warner

DMU students just wanted to embark on a once in a life-time experience to New York, but their excitement soon turned to agitation after a disastrous 43-hour journey.

For the past two years, third year undergraduate students at the university have been given the chance to participate in the opportunity to go to New York with the #DMUGlobal scheme.

On this year’s trip at the beginning of January, students got the chance to participate in an industry visit, with Contour Fashion students visiting Aerie, a lingerie and women’s clothes shop in New York.

DMU Contour Fashion student, Jade Woodward, recalled what happened, saying she was excited to experience a new country but the journey couldn’t have gone worse.

She said: “I really wanted to go to New York as I had never been before so it gave me a chance to experience a new city and culture.

“The journey couldn’t have gone any more wrong. When arriving to get on the coach at 4am on Thursday, January 4th, our teacher told us that our flight was cancelled. But we found out that we were on a flight at 5.30pm the same day.”


A very cold and frozen Central Park

However, whilst on the flight the students were told that they were going to be landing in Detroit because of extreme snow storms in New York.

Upon landing, they were told that their connection flight to New York would be at 5am the next morning and that the hotel the staff had organised for them had no rooms left.

As a result, the students had to spend their night on the airport floor.

Miss Woodward explained: “In the morning, we found that our plane was delayed for five hours and at 11am, we were told that the plane had an oil leak and would not be able to leave until 7pm.

“After another change of planes, we finally departed around 6pm that night. We arrived at the hotel at around 11pm on Friday, January 5.”

After finally getting there the students managed to visit everything that was planned despite missing a couple of days of the original planned schedule.

image1 (1)

Vs x Balmain collection that the group viewed whilst in New York

Miss Woodward said: “The industry visit was such a good opportunity as it allowed us to learn about different job roles within the company and also to see how their employees got to where they are today, which is inspiring me to apply for jobs all around the world.

“I would recommend going as it is an amazing opportunity to see New York and it allows you to experience their culture and the amazing architecture that surrounds you.”

DMU has since offered students refunds for the time that they had missed and are also giving students the chance to go again in the summer.

DMU prepares to host its Faculty Championships competition

By Muhsin Cabdi

Students and staff at De Montfort University are preparing for the first Faculty Championship which will start tomorrow evening (THURS FEB 1) at The Venue from 6pm-9pm.

The competition pits six departments of the university against each other in the race for one to be named DMU Faculty Champion and will be covered by Demon Media and streamed on the Vijay Patel screen.

Derrick Mensah, De Montfort University’s Vice-President of Student Activities, said: “It is a game show competition between faculties, with six teams altogether.”

The purpose behind the competition is to bring the university together, including the students not involved in sports groups and other societies such as Demon Media.

Mr Mensah said: “A lot of students don’t have time to commit to student groups so this gives them a chance to engage and expand in their faculties.”

The competition consists of nine games and they are scheduled to take place throughout the year.

The six teams will consist of both students and members of staff and they will compete in events such as Wheel of Words, Numbers, Not So Hungry Hippos, Balloon Relay, Dodgeball, It Takes Two To Eat, The Big Faculty Quiz topped off with a surprise round and an interesting round named ‘The Challenge.’

The team that wins the event on the night will take away a trophy and at the end of the year the faculty which held the trophy for the longest period of time will be crowned faculty champions.

It is still possible for people to join by visiting the website. The cost to spectate or participate in the events is £1 for students and staff alike.