Local traffic E-petition to close after significant lack of interest

by Chantelle Roberts

Pictured: scrolling through Leicester.gov.uk website
Pictured: scrolling through Leicester.gov.uk website

Today (WED JAN 31) an ePetition to encourage the council to enforce more traffic signals along Scraptoft Lane has closed with only 4 signatures.

*The ePetition collects signatures online and allows petitions to be made available to the wider community more so than a traditional paper based petition.

The petition uploaded on the Leicester City Council’s website (LCC) came after a teenage boy was knocked over on his way to school on December 4 last year.

The petitioner said: “I have witnessed 2 (accidents) before. I walk across this road with my son and other children and parents (daily) to school. It takes a long time for us to cross the road and we also have to be very careful when crossing as the cars do come very fast on a 30-mph road.”

There were 4 recorded accidents last year, including the incident on December 4 last year.

Members of the public want to do something to improve the quality of safety on the roads. Youth worker Gareth Smith formed a petition via thepetitionsite.com to add a pelican crossing to Scraptoft Lane, generating 495 supporters out of a 1000 goal.

Some ePetitions have received more support than others. 198 people signed an ePetition raised on January 12 of last year urging the council to “Save Leicester’s libraries.”

From 2014 to date, 8 ePetitions have been raised concerning road or traffic issues. The highest signature response on the LCC website was only 27, submitted on June 2 2017 concerning road safety in Knightwood road and Barkythorpe road.

ePetitions can be submitted or signed by those who live, study or work in the city of Leicester, there are other ways to reach your council correspondent. Information on contacting your local councillor and various meetings are all available through the Leicester City Council website.



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