Intern warns uni students to stay off the booze

By Alexandra Smith

A student representative is campaigning for fellow students to be more aware of the dangers of alcohol during their time at University.


The journalism and media communications student, Sophie Hamilton, is currently carrying out an internship scheme at De Montfort University that allows her and many others to take part in programmes such as Student Voice.

Student Voice has provided Sophie with opportunities to get involved with events related to the university such as becoming a course representative and running campaigns across the campus.

She is now working on a campaign to make students more aware of the dangers of ingesting too much alcohol and how excessive quantities of alcohol can be damaging.

Along with studying for her course, the second year student has committed herself to eight hours a week collating ideas to educate and inform students about what they are drinking.

Sophie said: “Some of the work we already carry out involves two trained students that are members of Club Crew (the campaign name) going out on a Wednesday night to the local University Club Injunction, to help students that may have had too much to drink or need help getting home etc.

“The team members often have ‘kit bags’ that we hand out to students. These involve lollies to start conversations and leaflets about the effects excessive drinking can have on the body, whether that’s permanent or temporary.”

The Front Runners internship scheme is an experience Sophie would recommend to every student at DMU.

She said: “It opens up different perspectives of the university life I had not thought of or experienced before. It has made me realise the amount of advice and help the university offers to students of their own accord and I am just happy to be a part of that.”

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