Triumphant Tower 2 Tower cycling group reach £10k target

By Lauren Sedgley

The Tower 2 Tower cycle fundraisers have announced that they have officially reached their £10,000 target.

The charity bike ride was completed in September where six men from the Barwell and Hinckley area took on a 300-mile bike ride with a target of raising £10,000.

Tower 2 Tower cycling group before embarking on their 300 mile bike ride

Ben Dicks, John Ball, David Ball, Steve Noel, Paul Cheater and Mick Walsh rode the 300 miles starting from the Barwell Water Tower and cycling all the way to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The bike ride was in aid of Cancer Research UK and the Brain Tumour Charity, with the £10,000 to be split between them.

All six men set out on September 20 and over the course of four days, they cycled the 300 miles to the Eiffel Tower.

On their return home the following Sunday, they hosted a party at the Cross Keys pub in Barwell as a means of fundraising more money.

Back in 2016, Ben raised £2,000 for Cancer Research whilst he was still in remission for cancer himself and received the all clear in January of this year.

It was because of this that the idea of the charity bike ride came around after he lost his dad to cancer four years ago. The bike ride in memory of his father.

The whole ride was planned over the course of a few meetings with his fellow cyclist, John Ball, where they had to take into consideration hotels, pit stops, team shirts and bus hire.





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