Nicola Love is running around Britain for a world record

By Sophie Sandberg

63 days, 63 marathons, 63 different locations – that’s the future world record target for Nicola Love.

Nicola Love, 50, is set out to do the impossible, run 63 marathons in 63 days and break the current world record in running.

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As part of her marathon tour around Britain, she was one of the many thousands who took part in the annual Leicester Marathon as her 50th run.

“I enjoyed the Leicester Marathon,” said Nicola, from Nottingham. “It was a nice course and took me to bits of Leicester I hadn’t been to before.

“The marshalls were amazing. It was a bit awkward that I was followed by the sweeper car all day as I was at the back, and some of the course markers were removed in Watermead when I got there, but it was good.”


She began planning her task seven years ago after finding inspiration in a book by Dean Karnazes about his 50 marathons in 50 days.

She said: “I decided that I wanted to do something BIG and the idea that ran through my head was to run multiple marathons in a row. The book has been a massive inspiration to me and I wanted to push myself. Then I saw that the female world record was 60, and so I thought I would push that bit harder.”

She expects to complete her challenge in two weeks’ time although she admitted she is very tired physically and mentally, but is constantly focusing on the reasons why she is doing this challenge.

“I don’t want to reach the age of 70 and say ‘I wish I had’. I am going to hit that milestone and say – I’m proud of what I did, I’m proud that I followed my dreams, I’m proud that I believed in myself and I’m proud that I encouraged and inspired others.

“My goal is to encourage and inspire others to Think BIG, Then DO, by showing the way and sharing my experience,” added a tired Nicola who today (Wed, Oct 18) was taking part in the Nottingham Marathon as her 53rd marathon.


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