Evington village residents voice concern about potential 20mph zone

Proposed road plans for Evington Village

By Micky Evans

Evington residents have voiced their concerns regarding the potential addition of a 20mph zone through the heart of the village.

Main Street is currently a 30mph zone and is connected to the A47 as well as the A6, both very busy roads.

It is also home to three primary and four secondary schools.

This causes many problems during the 9am and 3pm rush hours, during which the road is often host to one continuous string of stationary cars.

The villagers received a questionnaire through the post in August from Leicester City Council, which also suggested the addition of speed bumps along the road.

One resident, Amanda Sykes, stated: “My main problem with the proposal comes from something that happened to me a few years back.

“Before the road was re-tarred, the trucks would go over the pot-holes, and shake my house to the point where cracks began to appear in the ceiling.

“I’m worried that speed bumps would have the same affect.”

Concerns came not only from residents but also from individuals who use the road daily.

Harry Blake, said: “I don’t live in the village, but it’s part of my daily commute because I take the kids to and back from school every day.

“The congestion on main street is ridiculous and I don’t see how a 20mph zone could help that.

“It’s all well and good sending questionnaires to residents, but they’re not the only people who use the street on a daily basis.”

However, some residents support the bid for the 20mph zone.

Simon Griffin, said: “I know the speed limit a bit further on up the road has caused some problems, and I know that some school children have been knocked over”

“Perhaps a 20mph zone would make this a safer place for those kids to play.

“I see them hanging around after school time and know them crossing the road like that could be dangerous.”

The results of the questionnaire will be released at the end of this month, if the bid is successful further discussions will take place in February in order to explore the logistics, as well as any further concerns or objections.


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