DMU student follows passion to write music for his church

By Alex Leadbitter

A Leicester church goer is swapping the accountancy books for sheet music in a bid to follow his passion for music.

Adony Dikoba studies accountancy and finance during the day, but as soon as he finishes with university, heads straight to the keyboard to write music for his church.


Dikoba, 21, has been a part of First Love Church since he joined De Montfort University and attends its meetings at the Students’ Union building every Sunday.

Despite leading the hectic life that comes with being a third year university student, Dikoba spends his spare time composing jazz and blues music for a choir which he has been a part of for the last three years.

Dikoba composes from his laptop in his university room with the help of a keyboard and members of the group are always coming in and out to rehearse alongside the tracks he creates and modifies.

Whether it is creating an original piece or putting his own stamp on a classic, Dikoba shows his dedication to the church by spending hours at a time making sure his work sounds as good as it possibly can.

When asked about the group Dikoba said “I see the church as a family because they talk about, and help me understand, important issues that were not mentioned to me before.

“They help me succeed in life.”

First Love Church uses a quote from 1 John 4:19 as their motto which reads “We love because he first loved us”

Dikoba said “First Love Church is open to all and anyone can come down even if they just want to play some music with us.

“Everyone is so loving, we just like to have a good time together with our church.”

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