DMU Nightlife Society hold successful event

By Daniel Siggins


The Nightlife Society committee at their first event.

The De Montfort University Nightlife Society held its first event on Saturday.

The newly formed society, which has attracted more than 300 members to its Facebook group, aims to promote ‘diversity through nightlife’.

Megz Williams, chairwoman, explained why she wanted to create the society.

“During my first year I couldn’t find anyone into going out, so the society gives people an obvious place to go.

“We have members who don’t drink too, everyone should feel welcome to join.

“I think it went pretty well to be honest, there was a fabulous turnout.

We also had some feedback too so we know how to improve for our next social.”

The society was thought up towards the end of last year and became official in May of this year.

Jack Beaumont, who is treasurer for the society, explained that he and his friends were ‘curious’ to see if they could transfer the idea into a reality.

“I think we have made it work and we’ve managed to get a fairly good turnout to get things going.”

Unlike most university socials, Nightlife held its social on a Saturday as opposed to Wednesday night.

Matt, a post graduate economics student, explained what appealed to him about the society.

“It provides a great alternative to the usual socials, I’ve found it to be really open.”

The society met at The Locker Room followed by a night out at Mosh nightclub for its first event.

Throughout the year the society aims to show its members the best of what Leicester nightlife has to offer though a wide range of pubs and clubs in the city.

Despite being in its very early ages still, the society has managed to already gain the attention of a lot of students.

You can follow all the latest news and updates on the society here.







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