Black History Month celebrated at DMU

By Kerri Stevenson

Students at De Montfort University Leicester are set to celebrate the extensive history of black culture throughout the month of October with a series of events organised by the Students’ Union.

Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK since 1987 and aims to educate people of all ages on issues surrounding black culture, diversity and to bring people together from all walks of life.

black history month photo

Events taking place at the Students’ Union (DSU) include an open mic night, showings of films featuring inspiring black artists such as Hidden Figures on October 18 and the film ‘Bring It On’ on October 25.

Jessica Okwuono, Vice-President Community and Welfare at the DSU, said: “The main aims of these events are to educate, to create a space for students to have a voice and also to help people share their culture with others. We should celebrate all cultures, which is why we plan to do more of these type of events within the DSU over the coming years to celebrate the diversity we have at the university.”

The centerpiece of the celebrations is a gallery featured on the main Campus Centre staircase, which on one side features famous black artists and activists and on the other shows students and staff as well as other notable people helping to make a difference in the black community.

The people currently featured on the gallery include Barack Obama, British rapper Akala and current National Union of Students President Shakira Martin.

It also includes some more familiar faces for those studying at DMU, including Vice-President Student Activities Derrick Mensah and the university’s Chancellor, Baroness Doreen Lawrence OBE.

Jessica said: “It is important to celebrate this as it not only beings attention to what is happening around the world but also educates people on our history. Although we have come so far in recent years, we still have a lot to accomplish and putting on events like this is a good way to help.”

If you are interested in any of the upcoming events, please visit the DSU website here for more information.





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