Bereavement charity looking to grow after two years of success

by Ollie Heppenstall

An award-winning bereavement photography charity is on the lookout for more volunteers after celebrating its second year in operation.

Formed in August 2015 by eight like-minded photographers, some with past experience of stillbirth or miscarriages, Remember My Baby has more than quadrupled in the two years and two months since then.

It has had glowing reviews from families who have had to use the service it provides – “each and every day the photographs become more special” and “can’t thank Remember My Baby enough” being just two of them.


The charity now has a pool of 230 volunteers up and down the United Kingdom and in Northern Ireland and has provided 1,500 photography sessions free-of-charge in 130 hospitals around the UK, making it the UK’s premier bereavement photography organisation.

Aga Tetera, 31, and a Leicester-based volunteer with the charity for the last year and a half, said: “Remember My Baby provides a free photography service for parents with stillborn children or children who are not likely to live for very long after birth, and provides this service up and down the UK.

“I wanted to get involved early on, even if I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle situations where the parents are grieving and there is a lot of emotion, as I believe I have something to give back to the community in my photography and to be able to provide a service like this is an excellent way to do that.”

She added: “I spent six months thinking about it, and I’m very glad that I joined in the end.

“I’m mainly active in the Leicester and Loughborough area, although I haven’t had to do so many sessions in Leicester because Leicester Royal Infirmary has midwives that are able to provide a similar service.

“It’s more a case of working alongside them and covering whenever they are unable to provide, as opposed to Loughborough, where we’re more able to provide a service.”

The charity can be reached on Facebook at Remember My Baby, on Twitter @remembermybaby and at

Roachford rocks The Musician pub


By Olivia Mumby.

Legendary singer-songwriter Andrew Roachford rolled back the years to delight crowds at Leicester’s The Musician pub at the weekend.

Tickets were sold out in advance of the much-anticipated event, with the venue filled to capacity with 220 excited fans.

The London-based performer, known simply as Roachford, took to the stage at 10pm before launching into his early hits, ‘Cuddly Toy’ and ‘Family Man’.

His career-spanning set also included some of his more recent material, along with some well known covers such as, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Bill Withers and, ‘Under The Bridge’ by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Fans were not disappointed, with one describing the performance as ‘Fantastic’ whilst another stated ‘He sounds just as good live as he does in his tracks’.

One of the younger fans in attendance was local electrician Joe Smith, 18, who said: “I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I even managed to get a picture with him after he finished so that’s one to add to the collection.”

Located in Crafton Street West, The Musician pub is well known in Leicester for hosting live performances from a range of artists at least six times a week since it opened in 2000.

Tesco fail to update their trollies to the new £1 coin

By Luke Smith

Tesco will be leaving more than 100,000 trollies unlocked across the UK after it missed Sunday’s deadline to update its trollies to accept the new £1 coin.

The major supermarket chain currently charges a £1 deposit for trollies in more than 200 UK stores, but the trollies were not ready for the currency change on October 15, when the old style £1 coin ceased being legal tender.

Video: Ben Bristow, a DMU Student, discussing Tesco and the new £1 coin


In a statement, Tesco confirmed trolleys would be left unlocked and attendants would be on hand to make sure customers could still use them, with Leicester’s superstore one of just 200 nationwide that still charges for trolly use.

However, DMU student Ben Bristow said: “I went to Tesco to do my big weekly shop, kitted out with my new £1 coins, having spent all of my old ones, only to find that I couldn’t access any of the trollies for my shop.

Tesco picture

“I read that all the trollies would be unlocked and help would be available, but all the trollies were locked up and no help was to be seen anywhere.

“Surely a company as big as Tesco would have had the foresight to fix this issue within the six months that they would’ve know about the new coin coming out? It seems a bit of a joke to me.”

Hazel Stronach, another DMU student, added: “I think it’s ridiculous that I’ve just got rid of all my old coins and now I can’t get a trolly for my shopping.

“I always have to buy too much for a basket and this just makes my shopping really difficult and a big issue.”

In a statement Tesco explained its stores would be accepting the old £1 coins in its self service and cash tills for another week only – in order to help its customers who still have some of the £500million old style coins in circulation.

‘Student Sessions’ leads to tired lessons following late night sales

by Tyler Arthur

Thousands of bargain hunters flocked to Highcross Shopping Centre Leicester for an annual discounted late-night student shopping event  – especially for the city’s two universities.

The ‘Student Sessions’ event provided discounts for people who showed their ID upon purchase, in selected shops, between 8PM and midnight last Tuesday (Oct 10).

Matt Thomas, 20, who works at Footasylum, was on hand in the stockroom receiving constant requests for the discounted footwear and clothing that they had to offer.

“It was better than a normal shift because it was busier, and there was always something to do to keep me busy and pass time,” Matt said.

The event attracted a sizeable crowd, as it does every year, and the store was even required to call upon extra people to cater to the extreme demand over the four-hour flash sale, calling upon assistance from employees from stores as far away as Birmingham.

The event ended at midnight, with hundreds of happy customers served throughout the night, but many employees had to stick around after they closed to prepare for the next day, when trade would return to normal.

However, as many of the employees of the stores are also students, and with shifts ending even more than an hour after the sale ended at 12, some complained of having to work a late night ahead of the next morning’s university lectures.


Leicester Highcross photo que

Queuing students waiting to be let into Highcross for the event.

DMU Snow Sports announce Andorra ski trip

By Max Pearson

De Montfort University’s Snows Sports society has announced that it is to travel to Andorra for its annual ski trip.

Between March 23 and March 31 2018, students of DMU will travel to Pas de la Casa, Andorra, on a coach journey that will take 27 hours.

Gareth Unwin, who is in charge of media and also acts as secretary for Snow Sports on their committee, said: “We’re happy to confirm that 2018’s tour will take place in the resort of Pas de la Casa in Andorra.

“We can’t wait to head there at the end of March and experience the Pyrenees Mountains.”

Mr Unwin continued: “Last year’s trip to Les Arcs in France was my first ski holiday and it was an incredible experience.

“Snowboarding on actual snow was very different to the dry slopes, where I had lessons in advance.

“It was really cool getting up early in the morning to snowboard all day and then go out in the evening with my friends.”


Gareth Unwin enjoying the slopes of the French resort Les Arcs

The third-year Human Resource Management student, who has not always been a member of snow sports during his time at DMU, said: “I had not joined society during my first-year of university and I was keen to be involved with something during second-year.

“I wanted to try something new and learn a new skill and snow sports appealed to me.

“I also knew a few people on the society already which swayed my thinking, so I decided to go on the free taster session and decided boarding was best for me.”

He continued: “I had lessons throughout the year and decided to go on the tour as I had made a lot more friends and my boarding ability had improved throughout the year.

“My boarding ability improved a lot during tour as well. I had never visited France either so it was nice to visit a new country.” Tour Flyer PrintScreen

Nuco Travel, who specialise in student trips to winter-sport resorts across Europe, will be taking De Montfort University students to the Andorran resort, which boasts a peak of 2,827m.

As part of the £429 package, students will be given a 6-day lift pass for the slopes, a tour t-shirt and coach travel to Andorra and back.

Mr Unwin said: “I cannot wait to get back out on the slopes.”