The sweet shop a cutlass above the rest

By Matthew Earth

Prague may be more famous for its beers and meat dishes, but those with a sweet tooth are definitely catered for.


Dotted around the city are numerous confectionary stores, including multiple branches of Captain Candy, which allow customers to fill up bags with a huge range of different sweets from literal barrels – yes, it’s a pirate-themed sweet shop.

If you arrgghh fond of cola bottles, chocolate fudge or if a flying saucer tickles your fancy, there’s some delicious delights available to plunder. It might be the nicest tasting pick-and-mix you ever go to.


These may look delicious, but be warned – they will cost you precious loot

For 160 Kzc, I came out with a varied selection of the treats on offer, and they were all sickly sweet. However, I felt I had been charged slightly too much. The sweets were nice, don’t get me wrong, but the total cost equated to more than £5 for a barely full bag. Shiver me timbers.

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