Sun is set to make a great entrance in Britain this summer

Although it is currently very chilly the sun has been peeking its eye in the city and this has clearly excited many people as T-shirts, sunglasses and even some flip-flops have been seen on the streets of Highcross.

Leicester Falcons host German team for training camp

Leicester Falcons American Football Team welcomed there first overseas opponents last Sunday.

A £2million square for public events is under construction in Leicester city centre

A public realm is under construction in Leicester City Centre, and will come at a cost of £2million.

The European marketplace is in Leicester

Marketplace Europe was in Leicester at the weekend, with the stalls open from early morning until around 6pm in the City Centre.

Continental Market comes to Leicester

The UK’s leading continental and special events market came to Leicester on Wednesday March 29, showcasing a range of European food and drink.