Sun is set to make a great entrance in Britain this summer


To most people summer is the universal sign for a holiday, especially in Britain as it is one of the rare times we see any type of sun.

Although it is currently very chilly the sun has been peeking its eye in the city and this has clearly excited many people as T-shirts, sunglasses and even some flip-flops have been seen on the streets of Highcross.

The Leicestershire Press asked some people what they loved most about the summer holiday and the overall consensus was that summer was the time for a break; a time which lifts up the mood of many people and sees’s everyone outside in parks enjoying activities available to them.

But the question is even though we are seeing a bit of sun will we have a hot summer? The answer is yes, we will. According to The Sun newspaper ‘we’re set for a BBQ summer’. Jim Dale has predicted that we’re due to have a heatwave in June.


Leicester Falcons host German team for training camp

By Mel Hawes

Leicester Falcons American Football Team welcomed their first overseas opponents last Sunday.

German side Traunreut Munisier travelled to take part in a two-day training camp with the League 1 North team.17630112_10154980796195977_6335853712139427222_n crop

Chairman Guy Kearsey said: “It’s been great to have them here and the team has learnt a lot and some brilliant football has been played.”

The German side travelled to London earlier in the week before making their way to the Midlands for a training camp with the Leicester team.

The training camp gave a great opportunity for the teams to get to know each other as well as learning new skills and techniques to help improve their game.

The final day of the camp saw the two teams face each other in a friendly, with the Falcons coming away with a 30-12 victory.



A £2million square for public events is under construction in Leicester city centre

By Mark Farmer

A public square is under construction in Leicester City Centre, and will come at a cost of £2million.

Project manager, Paul Devine, is anticipating the operation will encourage more people to visit Leicester and its City Centre, as well as improving its look.

Mr Devine said: “We’re hoping the operation will attract more people to the area, as well as create further clientele for businesses.”

The square, which is being built on the old market hall site, is set to be finished on 1 June 2017, and will host public events, shortly after its completion.

The European marketplace is in Leicester

By Sam Coleman

Marketplace Europe was in Leicester at the weekend, with the stalls open from early morning until around 6pm in the city centre.

Marketplace Europe is a company that travels the whole of the UK, bringing German style Christmas and international gourmet food markets to the local people.

Over 30 stalls will be there offering food, drink and gifts from all over the world, be it kangaroo burgers of French crepes they have it all.



Continental Market comes to Leicester

By Luke Hawker

The UK’s leading continental and special events market came to Leicester on Wednesday March 29, showcasing a range of European food and drink.

There was a wide range of foods on offer from across Europe, from French cheese, to Dutch pancakes and of course the Bratwurst German Sausage.

Run by the Market Place, they travel up and down the country to different cities to give people the chance to sample food they have never tasted before.

The event to place between Gallowtree Gate and Humberstone Gate and ran from Wednesday March 29 to Sunday April 2.