Watch: Man swept up by reckless driver

By Jack Gabriel

A man who was run down by an angry motorist during a night-out over the weekend has launched an appeal to find the driver.

Kasper Kummer took to his Facebook page asking for people to watch and share the video of the attack which occurred in Belvoir Street at about 2am in the early hours of Sunday (2 April) morning.

The video shows the aggravated driver reversing, before speeding up and sweeping Mr Kummer up onto the bonnet of his car.

Mr Kummer said: “He almost took out some people doing burnouts so I asked him to stop, and we had an argument.”

He added: “He then tried to run me over twice. I wasn’t expecting him to purposely drive into me and then reverse back to do it again.”

Onlookers expressed their shock as one woman screams ‘oh my god’ and another man twice boots the vehicle, before the driver speeds away.

One witness, Ben Read, said: “What I saw escalated very quickly. One moment they were shouting at each other and the next one guy was on the bonnet of a moving car.”

The police were called to the scene and were informed that the car’s licence plates were fake and the windscreen had been smashed following its collision with Mr Kummer.

Mr Kummer did not sustain any threatening injuries, saying on his Facebook page that he is ‘just bruised up and cut up that’s all.”

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