Newarke Museum sheds light on oft-forgotten British history to critical acclaim

by Ollie Heppenstall

An ongoing exhibition at the Newarke Houses museum that looks to shed light onIMG_1909 a period of British history that has been long overlooked is receiving plaudits in both Leicester and throughout the country.

The exhibition, centred on the Anglo-Sikh wars of 1845 to 1849 and organised as part of the Sikh Museum Initiative, runs until June 4th and aims to shed light on not only the conflict itself and its significIMG_1910ance, but its connection to the eventual involvement of Indian and Sikh troops alongside the British Army in both World Wars.

Featured in the exhibition are weaponry and uniforms of the period, 3-D renderings of other artefacts and an interactive computer generated board of items relating to the period.

Gurinder Singh Mann, the curator of the exhibition, said: “The Anglo-Sikh Wars are an underresearched and unknown area IMG_1913of British history, and it’s imperative that this information is brought to the forefront.

“Our primary objectives are to address the missing link between the later service of Indians and Sikhs in the British Army throughout the 20th century, and to break down the colonial story of it being just the British Empire who engaged in colonial wars.”

He conIMG_1911tinued: “The reaction to the exhibition has been fantastic. We have had coverage from the Leicester Mercury, BBC East Midlands, ITV, the BBC Asian Network and from other SIkh TV channels.”

“The number of visitors has nearly doubled as a result, and the feedback has been 99% positive. What makes it even more special is that we have been contacted by descendants of men who were involved in the conflict, and they have had the opportunity to explore what we have to offer here.”

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A victorious opening night for the Leicester Lions

By Lauren Sedgley

Leicester Lions kicked off their 2017 speedway campaign with a fantastic 48-42 win over the Swindon Robins on Saturday night, April 1.

The opening night of the season saw the newly revamped Lions team secure their first three league point win at home against a strong looking Swindon team.

Eight heats into the overall fifteen saw the Lions eight points up on the Robins with bumper crowds witnessing very competitive racing from both teams.

LL opening night

Crowds building before the racing got underway

In a statement released on Twitter by the Leicester Lions, Jim Lynch, team manager said: “We were delighted to earn the win; it was an important one for the club with everything that’s gone on over the winter.

“The thing I’ve tried to get over to everyone is that we need to concentrate our efforts on winning as many meetings we can at home.”

The Lions’ triumph over the Robins was the first time that the team has won their opening meeting since joining the top-flight league, now rebranded as the Premiership.

Moving on from last season, the Lions saw only one rider return to their septet in the form of Josh Auty.

Kim Nilsson, Josh Bates, Danny King, Kacper Gomolski, and Premiership newcomers, Erik Riss and Danny Ayres, join Auty for this year’s bid for the top.

Due to fixture clashes, the Lions were without Josh Auty and captain Danny King who were riding for their Championship clubs.

To replace the missing riders, spectators saw the return of last year’s captain Nicolai Klindt and also Lasse Bjerre.

The Lions travel not too far for the first away meeting of the season to the reigning champions, the Wolverhampton Wolves on Monday evening.

On Saturday 8, the Lions will be back home and hosting three-time champions, the Poole Pirates.

Flares set alight in Yates pub

By Charlie Bourne

Two flares were set alight in Yates pub prior to the Premier League clash between Leicester City and Stoke City on Saturday around 1.30pm, which lead to fire alarms being triggered from within the public house.


Yates pub

The incident came just hours after the Leicestershire Police football official twitter account tweeted warnings to visiting fans regarding pyrotechnics: “FLARES | A reminder pyrotechnics are not allowed in the King Power Stadium.”

Despite no flares being set off during the game, the incident at Yates pub was believed to be caused by travelling away supporters, although police have not confirmed reports.

Tom Murphy, a DMU student who was in the pub as the incident unfolded, said: “I was in the pub just having a drink and some lunch, I wasn’t even going to the game after or with any Leicester fans.

“There was a lot of noise coming from the other side of the pub and then there was just smoke everywhere and fire alarms started going off, but there wasn’t much panic everyone stayed pretty calm.

“It’s a shame as I quite like it in Yates and will be going back, but as far as jokes in football go I thought it was pretty minor.”

With Leicestershire police seemingly aware of the threat of flares before the game, it will be interesting to see whether security measures both around the city and in the stadium are increase as a result of this incident.

The travelling away fans who travelled to the King Power saw their side lose 2-0 to the champions, after a turn of form has seen them win their first 4 games under new manager Craig Shakespeare.

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Leicester celebrates Hindu Holi festival

By Charlie Bourne

Within the month of March, the Hindu festival of Holi was celebrated throughout Leicester city to mark the coming of spring.

On Friday, De Montfort University students turned Bede Park into a sea of bright colours to spread a message of peace.

Holi festivalTraditionally, Holi is celebrated earlier in March with this year’s celebrations beginning March 12th and ending a day later.

Dancing, singing and throwing powder paint and coloured water is often seen, as the festival encourages fun for all who take part.

Stemming from the Hindu story of Prahlad, the festival is seen to symbolise good overcoming evil, which is often why old possessions are cast into bonfires to resemble washing away old sins, and growing up.

Hindu DMU Student, Nirali Patel who has taken part in the celebrations for many years, said: “I have always celebrated this tradition with my family. We go the temple where they build a bonfire which we then walk round and offer coconuts, popcorn and other grains to the fire who represents Lord Vishnu.

“The next day we re-join and celebrate it in a more fun way with whoever else wishes to attend. Throwing the coloured powder paints and water paints is great fun and really brings a sense of community, with people attending no matter what race or religious background they come from.”

The scenes at Bede Park were reminiscent to those earlier in March, as crowds up to 7,000 congregated at Spinney Hill Park and Cossington Recreation Ground, as well as other areas of the City.

As one of England’s most multi-cultural cities, hundreds of students and members of the wider community showed support and joined in with the vibrant celebrations.

Watch: Man swept up by reckless driver

By Jack Gabriel

A man who was run down by an angry motorist during a night-out over the weekend has launched an appeal to find the driver.

Kasper Kummer took to his Facebook page asking for people to watch and share the video of the attack which occurred in Belvoir Street at about 2am in the early hours of Sunday (2 April) morning.

The video shows the aggravated driver reversing, before speeding up and sweeping Mr Kummer up onto the bonnet of his car.

Mr Kummer said: “He almost took out some people doing burnouts so I asked him to stop, and we had an argument.”

He added: “He then tried to run me over twice. I wasn’t expecting him to purposely drive into me and then reverse back to do it again.”

Onlookers expressed their shock as one woman screams ‘oh my god’ and another man twice boots the vehicle, before the driver speeds away.

One witness, Ben Read, said: “What I saw escalated very quickly. One moment they were shouting at each other and the next one guy was on the bonnet of a moving car.”

The police were called to the scene and were informed that the car’s licence plates were fake and the windscreen had been smashed following its collision with Mr Kummer.

Mr Kummer did not sustain any threatening injuries, saying on his Facebook page that he is ‘just bruised up and cut up that’s all.”