Leicester student combines good grades with great gigs

By Alex Leadbitter

For one Leicester University student, going to gigs is not just a hobby but more of a way of life.

stevieStevie Devine (20), a second year Mathematics student at the University of Leicester, prides herself on going to see as many musicians as she can throughout the year.

Being a university student, Stevie has had to sacrifice a lot in order to be able to keep up with her passion.

She said: “All of my money goes towards food and gigs. It’s almost like a necessity at this point, I can’t go more than a few weeks without craving to go out and seeing someone live.

“Sometimes I haven’t even heard of the artists who I go to see, I just love the atmosphere so much that I have a good time no matter who is playing. All I need is a time and a place and I’m there nine times out of ten.”

With the stresses that come with attending university, Miss Devine is somewhat of an anomaly with compared to many university students who complain of having very limited time.

She doesn’t let this stop her as she attends gigs and concerts regularly while maintaining a high standard of grades.

She continued: “I make sure that my education comes first, but in terms of enjoyment, nothing comes close to the thrill of going to gigs and seeing artists live in person.”

In 2016, Miss Devine attended more than 20 gigs and so far this year, she has already been to seven, with plans ahead for more to come and music festivals in the summer.


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