Leicestershire Police to review event risk form criticised by Grime rapper P Money

By Max Pearson

Leicestershire Police have confirmed they will review an events risk assessment form which Grime rapper P Money has labelled a “race thing.”

The form asks promoters for the ethnic make-up of the audience, as well as the genre of music being performed.

Talking to Victoria Derbyshire in an interview broadcast this morning, P Money said: “There’s trouble at all types of gigs.

“We know they’re just trying to shut down grime, because if it was anything else they wouldn’t have this issue.”

He claimed the Promotion Event Risk Assessment Form 696, which promoters, licensees and organisers are often asked to complete before hosting music events featuring DJs and MCs, is only used for certain performers.


P Money (left) with Swifta Beater

In 2010, rapper Giggs had his tour cancelled following police advice and he publicly called last year on police to work more closely with grime acts to stop further shows being cancelled.

P Money claimed he had been taken off gig line-ups in the past because of information passed on via the form.

A Freedom of Information request also found a version of the form has now been adopted by 16 other forces in England.

P Money added: “If you’re gonna do that to protect people, it should be for every single club.

“Why only these ones?”

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said: “We do use the form and we have already confirmed prior to today’s media coverage that the form is currently under review and its contents may well change.”

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