DMU construction work: the end is fast approaching

by Sara Torres

Construction work on the DMU campus is expected to come to an end by the beginning of next month.

Since the project started in 2016, De Montfort University students have seen the partial closure of Mill Lane among other road disruptions.

The closure of paths and roads through the campus has been an inconvenience for many people who have been forced to divert their walk to get anywhere on site. This has proved particularly problematic for disabled people.

DMU student Sophie Abel,  who has a physical disability, said: “The construction is blocking off some of the pathways which makes it hard for those who are unsteady on their feet to keep their balance and walk safely.”

The transformation is part of DMU’s project Campus of the Future, which will give students a refurbished and modern university. It includes the remodelling of some structures such as the Great Hall of Leicester Castle and the new stunning Vijay Patel building.

According to the DMU official website, construction was meant to end at Christmas 2016 but has been extended into 2017.

Fred Robson, deputy director of estates and commercial development at DMU, said: “We have our hands tied with the city council and we’ve had some problems with street lighting.”

The project is being managed by both the university and the council.

Despite the delays, Mr Robson confirmed that the contract of completion for the remodelling of the university will end at the beginning of April and he expects that the finalisation of the £136million project to end just before that.

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