Prince Harry visit: Leicester people give their reaction

In the early hours of the afternoon, Prince Harry arrived at the Leicester Aids Support Service (LASS) building to speak to the people who live with HIV.

Fresh Prince of Leicester: Harry receives ceremonial send off from Leicester LASS centre visit

Prince Harry’s visit to Leicester AIDS Support Services concluded with a roaring combination of African drums and cheering fans.

A look back on Leicester IRA attacks following the death of Martin McGuinness

Leicester, in 1939, was one of the first places in mainland Britain to be targeted by the IRA.

Leicester students pay tribute to late Martin McGuinness

Students studying in Leicester have focused on Martin McGuinness’ recent political career when remembering the former IRA Commander.

Fire and power-cut causes traffic disruption

A blaze at an electricity sub station in Leicester caused disruption to traffic throughout this morning and into the afternoon.