Out with the old, in with the new: test out the Victoria Skatepark

By Matthew Knight

The old skatepark in Victoria Park has been replaced with a new one, with an all-round better quality park for more people to enjoy.

A special opening jam is being held this Sunday (March 19) to mark the arrival of the new skatepark.

Tskatparkhe old skatepark was very old and had only two obstacles, while the new park offers a wide range of obstacles for the new skater to the experienced.

James Smith, a skater from Leicester, said: “It’s sick to see a new skatepark in Leicester.

“For a city with such a big skating community there’s never really been a decent outdoor park to use.”

It is hoped the park will encourage more people to pick up a skateboard and take use of the facilities, and as summer is rapidly approaching, the park is getting full use.

On Sunday, skate/snow/surf shop Magic Toast will be hosting an opening jam for the skatepark, despite the park already having been open for the past month. \

The event will include a skate jam style competition with the chance of winning prizes from the store.

Mr Smith added: “The park is pretty well made I think, the ledge is quite small, but it’s pretty good for learning stuff if you’re not that confident.

“The park is quite mellow so it’s not as scary as other parks. It’s good to see a positive spending of council money.”



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