Bowling club secretary defends proposal for two-way vehicular access

By Kerri Stevenson

The secretary of one of the most popular bowling clubs in the Midlands has defended his decision to propose that there should be two-way vehicular access to the venue.

Andrew Ward, who works for the Goodwood Bowling Club in Crofter’s Drive, made the proposal as he believes that the new system will be far safer for pedestrians and cyclists and will also accommodate the efficient delivery of goods and supplies to the venue.

The conditional approval of the proposal is set to be discussed at a Leicester City Council meeting at 5.30 pm on Wednesday.

The Goodwood Bowling Club was founded in 1951, has two large bowling greens and has about 100 playing members currently, with ages ranging from 16 to 90.

A total of 14 objections to the proposal have been submitted by residents of Crofters Drive and Treetop Close and a petition has also been submitted, which has 57 signatures from local people.

Mr Ward said: “The main reason I decided to make this proposal is because a new wall has been erected on Uppingham Road recently and due to this, drivers and cyclists coming into the club cannot see the traffic coming up the road, which is potentially dangerous.

“The wall has created a blindspot, which I am worried is going to increase traffic accidents and if there was two-way vehicular access, drivers would be able to see the oncoming traffic which would help to reduce this risk.”

Objectors have suggested that a two-way system would cause an increase in traffic on the road and that this would lead to heavy congestion.

Others objecting have suggested that an increase in noise from vehicles entering and exiting will be a major issue if the proposal was to go ahead, and that this will become more problematic for residents on match days.

Mr Ward said of the objections: “I understand where the objectors are coming from, but surely road safety should be a higher priority than increased traffic onto Crofters Drive.”