Mental Health Awareness Week Celebrated By DMU

By Lucy Billington-Groom

De Montfort University celebrated Mental Health Awareness week by hosting a special event at the Campus Centre on Wednesday (March 8).

The event included activities, lectures and demonstrations, all in aid of promoting active mental health.

Freebies were given away and chances to win a range of prizes.


Andy Brown, the Mental Health Inclusion Manager at Student & Academic Services at DMU, said: “It gave students and staff an opportunity to have a look at what’s going on mental health wise.

“It’s not just about specialist support, lots of people are doing all sorts of really good things regarding mental health on a day to day basis.

“There’s a lot of stigma around mental health but depending on what’s going on in the media I think some conditions are more acceptable.”

The NHS reported that mental health problems among students are as common as they are amongst the general population.

If a student has concerns about their mental health there are a range of paths to go down.

“On My Gateway, students can book a SPA appointment which is an initial appointment and each student will be given advice and support,” Mr Brown explained.

“Students can also talk to the Students’ Union welfare team as well as any student support services in Gateway House.

“We want to have more of a social media presence and to put advice out there, this is something we are working on at the minute.

“The generation that are starting university now are more knowledgeable about mental health than ever.”

DMU Falcons soar above MMU Eagles with record breaking 38-0 win

By Tyler Arthur

The De Montfort University’s American football Falcons team lived up to their high-flying nickname by defeating their Manchester opponents with a record margin at the weekend.

Falcons Team.png

The Falcons, who had endured a long and difficult season, managed to put up their 38 points from a combination of four offensive touchdowns, two defensive touchdowns and a two point conversion – the largest score the Falcons have ever won by.

Joe Bull, 20, a member of the Falcons’ committee, was fired up before the season closer.

“We had something to fight for. We had everything to prove!” he said.

‘Everything to prove’ is the mantra which the team chose for themselves for the season, after a rocky start.

“The whole team picked themselves up for this game and fought for the win,” Bull concluded.

The team travelled for three hours to the Manchester away game, but they did not let the long journey reduce their focus on the final game of the season.

The Falcons were so dominant that the ‘mercy rule’ was initiated – for the first time in the history of DMU’s programme.

The ‘mercy rule’ is a regulation by which if the score reaches a certain point – in American football it is 34 points, the clock (which is famously slow moving) becomes a rolling clock – and no stoppages or timeouts will stop it – to bring the game to an end sooner.

The Falcons, led by Quarterback Tom Proffitt, 22, broke the record in his fourth and final year – making this Tom’s last ever league game for the team.

“The win over MMU was easily the best performance from the team I’ve seen in my four seasons,” he said.

“And it was nice to see it come in a game which meant so much to me, and all of the other graduating players. It is a very positive parting memory with the Falcons.”