Updates on ‘problematic’ Leicester road at community meeting this Wednesday

By Matthew Earth

A street in Leicester notorious for being difficult to drive through is to be discussed at a community meeting tomorrow.

Updates on the parking issue on Harrison Road, where cars are frequently parked either side of the street, will be provided at the Rushey Mead community meeting to be held this Wednesday.

The meeting will be at St. Gabriel’s Community Centre on Kerrysdale Avenue and will begin at 6.30pm.

Charlotte Lynch, the headteacher of St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School on Harrison Road, said: “The road isn’t wide enough, and drivers often mount the pavement.

“When cars are parked outside the houses, there just often is not enough room for cars to get through.”

Mrs Lynch said the school’s health and safety committee have reported the situation to Leicester City Council due to safety concerns of the children attending St. Patrick’s.

Shop workers on Harrison Road have said the tight parking can be a problem, but does not affect their businesses.

Kamal Mastan, of TK Enterprises on Harrison Road, said: “In evening times it gets congested. But it doesn’t stop people coming in the shop.”

Kay Gokani, of Gokani General Store, said the parking is “no problem.”

“It’s alright, people just park and they just go,” she said.

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